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When the news arived - Story

Hi, This story origianally began it's life in welsh and I think it's translated well! All of the characters (exept Daniel (he's oz from btvs), I like useing him in my stories) are mine. The story is just about that no matter what happens that, People can still pull through. I will post a picture that will relate to this story later on. I hope you all like it!

When the news arrived.
The sun was beating down warmly over everywhere. Everything was quiet and peaceful and everywhere was still. The only things to be heard were the small birds high above singing in the trees and the cool water running along the riverbed quietly. Along the river bank in the shade laid three figures relaxing with fishing gear by the water. A father and his two children relaxing peacefully. He was a short man, in his early thirties, with messy orange hair; he wore a red dragon inn T-shirt with some jeans that were full of holes and trainers that had seen better days. To his right lay his daughter, about twelve years old, her hair was long, messy and natural brownish-red, she wore a t-shirt with the actor Tom Beaker and the slogan ‘I deny this reality’ with some short, green shorts. To his left lay his son about 10 years old with short, messy and a natural reddish-brown hair, he wore his favourite ‘Scooby-Doo’ t-shirt with some green 3-quarter length trouser. As his children slept heavily beside him, he looked up towards the treetops, lost in his thoughts. With a painful look on his face, I have to tell them soon he thought before it’s gone too far and I won’t be able to look after them any longer. He slowly sat up and ran his hands through his hair. He looked down towards his two innocent sleeping angels. I have to do something. I don’t want them to lose me as well. He looked down towards his daughter, he remember how sad and distraught she was when her mother died. Even though she was only three at the time it was as if she knew something terrible had happened. He also remembered how hard he had to fight to keep his children.

(Back in 2002) “You can’t look after them on your own!! You’re too young!” shouted the man from the social services angrily, looming over Daniel “Do you want to be one of those people who leaches off the government? And live in those council estates where all the trouble comes from? The same kind of trouble who abuses the law and drive dangerously under influence, seriously injuring and killing the innocent and law-abiding members of the public like your fiancé. Do you want that kind of life for you children Mr Osborne?”
Daniel stepped back from the man. He looked expressionless at him. It had only been that morning since Elion passed on from her injuries, five days after the car crash and he was already being shouted at. He rubbed his eyes tiredly. He looked rough; he had been awake for those whole five days beside Elion’s bed and looking after Eleanor and Dewey. He hadn’t washed nor shaved for days. There were dark circles around his eyes. The clothes he wore were far too big for him and hung off him in all the wrong places, his friend had lent him the clothes (and the problem was that his friend was at least a foot taller than he was). He looked out of the window, his parents sat out side of the office with Eleanor and Dewey along with Ash, his oldest and dearest friend and Eleanor and Dewey godfather, and his two young twins. Ash was in the same situation as he was. His wife, Hope died a few hours after arriving at the hospital. She had been in the same car as Elion. A look of terror and worry was written across his face. Daniel knew that if this man took his friends children away, Ash would just completely brake down. Both of them needed their children to get them through this. He then looked at Eleanor, she was in tears, his mother desperately tried to comfort her. His father looked at him, concerned about what would happen to his son and his young family; he had heard every word of their conversation and was worried sick for them. Daniel turned back towards this man who claimed he would ‘help’ them.
The man had begun to talk again “As I was saying, you are far too young and . . .”
“I’m not, I’m 23.” Daniel interrupted, he had grown tired of this man; all he wanted was to be with his children and as far away from this place as possible.
“We know that. We don’t want you to fall into the same category of people who won’t work. We want the same thing as you do, Mr Osborne, the best for your chil…”
“‘Fall into the same category’? Has nobody taught you not to judge people by their appearance? Well I am sorry! The only reason I don’t look as smart as I usually do is that I have been awake for five days straight! I’ve been worried sick about what would happen to the love of my life and how my darling children would cope with out their mother!” Daniel had lost it with him. The man who had been looking down at Daniel as if he was worthless, now had a look on his face of realisation that he had said too much and had gotten it so wrong. “‘and the best for MY children’?!? Well can I ask do you have children?”
The man shook his head “No, no I don’t.”
“So please don’t tell me what’s best for my children!” Daniel said in a more calm voice.
“I’m sorry but it would be best for your children if they went into care just for the time being, just until you can get yourself together and there are places available for people like you and until you could get a job” the man began talking in that same angry tone.
“Why won’t you listen to me? I have been trying to tell you that I have a job; teaching English to students in a good collage and in a nice area. The place I will be living in will be right next to my parents and is just a stones throw from my best friend! They are the group of people who I would trust most with my children’s lives and my own and I will be staying at my parents until I have gotten myself together.” Daniel shouted back at this man. He doesn’t get angry often, hardly ever, but if anybody dares go in-between him and his children, he will erupt. “And for your information the best thing for my children would be to at home in a familiar place with the people who love so much!!” With that, Daniel barged out of the office and then took Eleanor and Dewey with him followed by his parents, Ash and his children asking if he was ok after what had just happened. Leaving the man there shouting after them.

(Present day) Daniel looked down towards his children once again. He would often worry that his children would disappear if he looked away or close his eyes for the slightest moment. People would often say that they both look so similar to each other and to him, but the truth is that Eleanor is the spiting of her mother. He looked down to his watch; it was nearly five o clock. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Eleanor lifting her head up from the little ball she had curled herself into like a small kitten and began mumbling sleepily. “Hey” Daniel said softly and indicating that he wanted a hug. Eleanor had always been small for her age but when she was in his arms, he could feel just how tiny and fragile she truly was. I wonder how she will cope.
“Daddy are you ok??” she asked looking deeply into his green-blue eyes. How can she always tell that something is wrong?
“Nothings wrong darling! Don’t make yourself panic so much! And anyway it’s time to go in now” Daniel whispered trying to reassuring her whilst trying to change the subject quickly. As Eleanor began clearing up, Daniel went over to a sleeping Dewey. People were always surprised when he told them that Dewey’s is older than they thought. He was only one year old when his mother passed and it affected him just as much as it affected Eleanor. Dewey stopped talking for a while after. If I go, how will it affect you??? He gently brushed Dewey’s hair from his eyes. Eleanor has always been some sort of surrogate mother to you hasn’t she even though there is such a short age difference. She does everything a mother would do. Dewey was scheduled to do his GCSEs six years in advance and because Dewey had always been smarter than other kids his age Dewey was always left out and was lonely. Daniel worried that if he had to stay in hospital for long periods of time that it would affect Dewey, and Eleanor. Two emerald green eyes blinked sleepily up at him. “Just as always master Osborne, impeccable timing” Daniel said ruffling Dewey’s hair.
Popping his head up and looked at the cleared area, “I try my best!” giggled Dewey. Daniel stood up and immediately felt light headed and miss a step. “Are you ok??” panicked Dewey.
“Yea, I m . . . m . . . must of stood up to quickly” stuttered Daniel. As they began home but when Daniel tried to walk up the slop back to their house the light-headedness became worse, he had difficulties breathing and his legs became week, he tried to go forward but ended up going backwards, but if it hadn’t been for Dewey, he would have ended up falling backwards into the water. A startled Dewey asked, “Are you ok??”
“I . . . I’m fine honestly” he was quiet shaken himself. Both, Eleanor and Dewey looked concerned at him “really I’m fine” he smiled weakly at them. He then reluctantly let them help him up to their house. I have to tell them tomorrow, I really do! But tomorrow never came.

Weeks later. Eleanor was in her all time favourite class, art! However, she would always say that English was her favourite subject to her father. If she had her own way, she would be drawing all day. Everyone else had lost the will to draw and were throwing things all over the place whilst sitting with some friends chatting quietly, sat Eleanor. She was in the middle of drawing of a portrait of her whole family. It wasn’t anything for school but it was an anniversary present for her grandparents. She wanted to give them something special, they had helped her dad a lot during the early years. A phone call came into her class and the teacher walked slowly towards her with a look of dread, with out a clue on how to pass on the message onto her. Quietly passing on the message to her. She packed her things quickly worrying why she had to go up to the office. When she walked in the office she saw Ash standing by the door, He had a look of worry mixed with sadness, Eleanor looked up at him , a man so usually happy and bubbly, she knew straight away that there was something wrong “What’s happened??” asked Eleanor in a panic.
“Don’t worry about anything ok, but you’re father has been taken into hospital in a hurry after passing out!” informed the receptionist. Eleanor looked into Ash’s deep brown eyes for further information and new look of confusion was covered all over his face “What?? Hasn’t he told you??”
“Told us what??” Ash then just came in to give Eleanor a reassuring hug; Eleanor had begun to cry “told us what??”
“Don’t worry too much! I’ll explain on the way to pick up Dewey but Dewey and your dad will need you to be strong! Ok” Ash did the best he could to stop her crying but he was finding it difficult as he was welling up himself. Panic, fear and worry washed over Eleanor, the same few thoughts kept going around and around in her head what’s happened to my daddy? How will Dewey handle this? How will everyone else going to handle this? What’s going to happen to us??

After picking up Dewey from his school. The car was completely quiet, no talking or any music. The feeling in the car was uncomfortable. Nobody knew what to say. A normally loud and happy man with a mop of brown hair that was always in the way of his eyes but today it looked that all of his colour and energy had been drained from him and he obliviously found it hard telling them what had happened. The moment Ash broke the news to them; Dewey immediately fell to his knees and began crying whilst Eleanor was desperately trying to convince herself it wasn’t happening. Both of them realised that it was true and that everything that had happened was frightfully true, all of the light-headedness, the breathing difficulties, and the loss of appetite, sleepless nights, and the weight loss Daniel had suffered in the past weeks. Eleanor looked up at Ash and asked “Why didn’t he tell us??” tears were welling up as she tried to get Dewey to his feet.
Ash looked down and shook his head “I . . . I don’t know, I just don’t know” Daniel had promised him he would tell them before he would start his treatment. Ash didn’t blame him, why didn’t he ask me?? I would have been there for him to explain! In the car, Dewey had curled up into the tiniest ball he possibly could next to Eleanor crying quietly into her arm. With Eleanor fighting back the tears herself, stroking Dewey softly.

It was half past two when they arrived at the hospital. The place was heaving, people were rushing past. All on their way to see their loved ones. Dewey had a look of absolute terror on his face. His legs were week from all the worrying and crying, he held onto Eleanor’s arm as tight as he possibly could for support. Dewey had never been fond of hospitals, they were too clean and often smelt funny in his opinion and some of his worst memories and experiences had happened in a hospital. He didn’t like the idea of people being on their own in this place. He was too young to remember his mum being in hospital but he still doesn’t like the thought that his mum was on her own. Painful memories were flooding back about an accident he feels blame for.
(Flashback) By their home there had always been a public footpath were people could take relaxing strolls and walk their dogs. A few years back on a warm summer evening. Dewey and Eleanor had been playing happily in their back with Daniel watching them from the kitchen. Then out of nowhere, a dog came into the gap leading from one of the paths and had gone thruoge the gap between the gate and a hedge and there was a faint voice of the owner coming from down the path. Neither of them did anything about the dog, dogs often came up to the opening so they thought nothing of it. The dog began barking and running towards them. Dewey began shaking; Eleanor quickly pushed Dewey out of the dog’s way screaming, “RUN!!” Dewey looked on helplessly. Eleanor screamed out in pain as it bit into her arm, the dog recoiled looking even angrier and went back at her neck and chest. Dewey found some kind of courage inside of him and shouted from the bottom of his lungs “LEAVE HER ALONE!!” the dog let go of Eleanor’s shoulder and turned on his heal towards Dewey and went straight for his stomach and threw him up. The last thing Dewey remembers before everything went dark was his father running out and pulling the dog away before it went back at Dewey or Eleanor and saw Eleanor lying injured on the floor. The next thing Dewey remembers he was lying in a big white hospital bed in the bed next to him Eleanor. Both of them were wrapt in bandages and their father was sitting in-between them holding their hands. People kept on saying that they were both very lucky that their father entered at that very moment. Eleanor had not woken up and people had started fusing over him. Dewey thought that he didn’t deserve it. He would lie on the uncomfortable hospital bed in the night watching the night nurses and doctors walking and chatting near their ward with the same thoughts going around his head Will Eleanor ever wake up? It is my entire fault! If I had moved out of the way quicker, she would have been ok! If she does wake up will she hate me??. Days went by and Eleanor still hadn’t woken up. Daniel paced back and forward across the room. Daniel blamed himself just as much as Dewey blamed himself too. Dewey sat cross legged on the bed and played with hands with those same few thoughts going around his head. Eleanor’s doctor walked in, “Excuse me Mr Osborne, my I have a word with you out side please” asked the Doctor politely.
“Wh . . What?!? Oh, ok” Daniel had been lost in his own thoughts so he didn’t notice the doctor standing there. As he went he reached down to Dewey and said “Don’t worry and don’t blame yourself either ok” smiling warmly. Dewey smiled faintly back. Eleanor had began to move fingers and her eye lids had begun to flicker a bit in the past few days and it gave them hope that she will soon wake up. Hopefully. Suddenly Dewey saw Eleanor’s hand move and he began to hear a quiet groaning that sounded like someone had just woken up. A comforting and familiar voice came from were Eleanor had been lying unconsciously “W . . wh . . Where am I?? Why do I have these tubes coming out of me?” Eleanor looked curiously at the tubes and quickly pulled them out. She looked around at her surroundings, puzzled, wondering why she was there on her own and feeling so awful. She then set her eyes upon Dewey, “Dewey!!” Dewey looked as if he had seen a ghost and had begun to well up “Wha?? What’s wrong??” Dewey was amazed, the doctor said that Eleanor might be different after what had happened but Eleanor was exactly the same as she was!! She had always seen things a bit different to the other children and was really smart in her own eccentric way and that she would often forget about herself and fuss and worry about other people. Eleanor was still weak; she had only managed to put her foot on the ground before her legs gave way. She disappeared out of sight between both beds. Dewey popped his head over the side of the bed and saw her trying to get up saying “I’m ok!” Dewey helped her up onto his bed. Eleanor was about to go in for massive hug when Dewey began crying his eyes out. “Dewey! Shh shh shh! What’s wrong??” said Eleanor with a look of fright and unease on her face.
“W -We thought you weren’t going to m-make it because it’s all m-my fault and I didn’t m-move out of the w-way in time and n-n-now your really, really hurt an-and you hate me now and I-I don’t want you to hate me!” Dewey went straight for Eleanor’s stomach still sobbing his eyes out “P-p-please don’t hate me!! I l-l-love you s-s-sis!!”. Eleanor wrapped her arms around him tightly, shaking at the fact that he thought she would hate him and wouldn’t want to help look after him. She whispered into his ear “Now, why would I want to do a thing like that??” and smiled at him.
“So you don’t hate me an-and think it’s my fault??” Dewey looked up at her with tears streaming down his face.
“No, I would never, ever hate you and I would never blame you for what happened” she said wiping Dewey’s tears “’cause that’s what big sisters do!!” She beamed at him and he felt so much better. Eleanor was suddenly picked up by a Doctor
“Since when have you been conscious??” Asked the doctor examining Eleanor.
“Not long after you left” answered Dewey. Their father was hovering over the doctor asking if ‘everything was ok’ and ‘when will she be able to go home’ repeatedly and then walking to Dewey and asking if he was ok and he would just smile and nod back.
(End of Flashback) They both still had the scars on them, but none of them talked about it or took any notice of them and their father still blamed himself for what happened. Dewey was deep in his own thoughts that he hadn’t noticed that Eleanor had stopped and walked straight into her. She looked down at him and brought him closer to her to assure him that she would be there for him.

They were sent to sit out side a white door to wait for a while until they were asked for. Every time a doctor or a nurse went in Dewey tried to get a glimpse of their father inside but the door was never opened for long enough or wide enough for Dewey to get a good enough glimpse. Ash didn’t know what to do and just looked at his feet. Eleanor took out a photo album from her bag that she had used to do the family portrait. She flicked gently through the pages and looked down at one of the few photograph they had of all four of them together, her mother and father holding her and Dewey who was only about a few months old and who was slowly falling asleep. Tears started rolling down her cheeks and falling on the photograph and Ash engulfed her in a hug and rocking her over gently. A half hour passed a dozen more doctors and nyrses walked passed an into the room with no one uttering a word to them. A doctor then came out and asked them to come into the room. “Now first of all there is nothing to worry about . We’ve cought the illness early enough to prevent it from going too far. We’ve discovered that you’re father has been suffering from obstructive lung diseases, it’s a rspiratory disease where the bronchial tubes become narrowed making it hard to move air in and out of the lung and he will need to have a few sessions af radiotherapy.” said the doctor in a slow, calming but cherful sounding voice.
“So that’s what has been making him short of breath and loseing weight” asked Dewey “B-but I thought daddy had been to the docotr few weeks back” Eleanor and Dewey turned arround to look at their father for answers.
“I had” he began ashemed of not telling them earlier “We discovered that I had this and I was going to tell you but I was frightend.”
“How much of a chance does he have” Eleanor asked quietlly.
“He has a good chance, about 95% of serviving and then a 80% of making a full recovery” said the nyrse in gentle voice. Eleanor smiled weakly and said weaklly “Thank you” At least that’s better than nothing thought Eleanor Why didn’t he tell us that he is ill? The doctor and nyrses left the familly to come to terms with whats happenig. Eleanor turned to look at her father once again. He looked diffenrant. The colour had drained out of his face and his normally bright orange hair had become dull and limp. He haad become dangerouslly thin. A shell of his true self. This frightend her more than anything else. Daniel saw the pure fear in his daughter eyes and then pulled her into his arms and caress her gently “Don’t worry! I will never leave you!” he wispered gently, he pulled Dewey into his arms aswel, “Neither of you! I need you to help me get through these next few monthes”

Months past, and it was nearing christmas and the whole house lit up and warm. The three of thm sat up cozielly on the sofa, underneath a duvet and in front of a roaring fire watching some television. Their father looked much better though the radiotherapy had caused his hair to fall out but it had began to grow back slowlly. People kept on saying that he looked so different without his hair but he was getting better and to them that is one of the most important things to them at that tim. Eleanor and Dewey had been helping him out whenever they had a chance. The past few months had been hard for them but the’re together and that is the most important thing too them.