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I was tired of think on how to post up my latest fanfics for my friends on theO. Thus this lovely world was created! I hope ya enjoy what ya read, and feedback is always welcomed. BUT if it's a down right mean comment I will A be rude back, B delete it/ignore it, or C say F you and block yer hypocritical butt. Sorry if that seemed rude but I don't like it when people comment that my piece sucks. So yea be nice & I'll be nice. ^-^



~Reader X Character~(mostly Hetalia)


Harry Potter|Motal Instruments|Infernal Devices|Kingdom Hearts|Pandora Hearts|Hetalia|Young Justice|DC Comics


Romance, action, Reader X Characters, mystery, gore/violence


A Stolen Kiss

He had a few worn out scars on his face, along with a look of exhaustion.My eyes never left his, as we walked past in the hall of the ministry. What is his name? Where have I seen him before? Those scars, how did he get them? I finall...

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