Art imitates Life
Life imitates Art

Do you have a series that just makes you nerd out?
Have a favorite video-game (series) that you know from top to bottom?
Is there something that gives you a nostalgic feeling that always makes you happy or excited?

Then you're welcome to let your craziest fandoms free, for we have the Feats of Fandom.

This can be your home for all of your news updates, fan-works, cosplays, theories, merchandise and more.

Enjoy yourselves and remember to never forsake your fandom.

My Fandoms:


  • FLCL (Fooly Cooly) -Top Fandom
  • Baka & Test
  • School Rumble
  • Spice & Wolf
  • IGPX
  • Code Lyoko

Video Games
Kingdom Hearts -Top Fandom
Megaman (X, Zero, NT Warrior)

Dinner Meme

So I went to church today...

(Very interesting opener)

And one of the openers for the sermon asked "If you were able to invite 3 people to have dinner with, who would they be?"

Now this post will only take that excerpt and take it into a creative context...

So I have another idea for this world:

If you were to invite 3 people to have dinner with, be they real or fictional characters, who would they be and what do you think a conversation would be like?

It'd be cool to write this out as a full story.

I'll try to do this later.


Upcoming Events

For whenever the hell I become a time-splitter and can somehow find the time to do this stuff...This will just be a reminder for myself of what I intend to do with this world.

Here's a list of things I wanted to do:

  • My fascination with Megaman over the years
  • Kingdom Hearts fanwork/OCs
  • Advertisements for anime/manga that I would recommend

I'll see you when I see you...

Fooly Cooly Season 2 + 3 Trailer Hype

So I get out of basic training and I get the best news ever:

Even though it was posted by IGN, which I don't really care for, I was so hype to see the FLCL 2 and FLCL 3 trailer!


Needless to say, I have high expectations for this anime.
The art and animation style looks drastically different from the first FLCL, and although that is to be expected, I do hope that they play around with the animation styles like they did in the first one. It really enhances the comedic effect and it'd be a bit of a bummer not to see that.

A lot of the original production staff from FLCL are working on this, so I am expected a great addition to this story.
Shame that this comes out in 2018 because I'll probably not be able to watch it with all of the work that I'll be doing then.

I'd be remise to not gush at the fact that The Pillows is back. We were told from the start that they would be back, and it feels so good to have FLCL with The Pillows. I haven't listened to much of The Pillows lately even though they are my absolute favorite band because of this anime, but I already love the song "Spiky Seeds" and am interested in what else they have in store.

Here's some more Fooly Cooly propaganda that I sympathize with.

And although this video is just a long rant just praising FLCL, this is pretty much how I feel about this:

So that's all I have for now, maybe I'll do something later regarding Season 2 + 3 but we've got a while before any more news comes out.

Get hype for FLCL 2 and FLCL 3!!


My Opening Feat of Fandom [POTENTIAL DELAY]

So this is a relatively new world, but I have made this world to let out my inner nerd!!

And to that end I am posting my FLCL Fan-Work here...Once it's finished. I've been working on it for quite a while and I'm only halfway done. I wanted to have it done this week but it may be a bit longer before I finish it.

However that is an opening of what I plan to do here.
Typically I don't write a lot of fanfiction per se but I do make a lot of OCs and draw and stuff like that.

Here's to the hope that I will be more active in my fandom.