Why Can't We PM From MyOtaku?

Our Version Vibrant PM system is really complex. Lots of code and it's a complete re-write of our old PM system. The new code makes it load faster and more reliably.

While we would love to be able to port the new system into myOtaku or let you PM with the old myOtaku system, it's simply impossible for us to do. Here's why:

(1) The old system doesn't work anymore because our PM system has changed completely.

(2) Porting the new system into myOtaku won't work either because the new system uses advanced code and myOtaku's "core" is on ancient, obsolete code that was written years ago. It would be like installing a modern engine inside an old car. Even if we managed the feat, then we'd have two PM systems online at the same time with almost-identical but not quite code, meaning every change made to the PM system would take 2-3 times longer to implement--a nightmare for us.

We know it's an extra step and we apologize for the annoyance, but we ask that you use theOtaku's PM system for all MyOtaku PMs.