Things most people dont get is this: Or they do but dont want to believe it...Everyone hates to be alone...I hate it alot but what can you really do about it??

Most Guys and Girls think this guy or Girl will never go for me.."I dont stand a chance?'" But what they dont know is that most of the time that person thinks the exact same thing...It's Always the Beautiful Girls and attractive guys that are always single...For that there is a very simple Explination...They think your already taken..They thought by themselves (In a Guys case) " Why should i even try to hook up with her? I mean look at her shes out of my leagh..Im not good enough to be with her..." So Nah pass"

Lol Mean while she thinks the same thing about him..So in the end their single as always..Same case with the next Time he/she see someone...The secret is, well its not really a secret but not everyone knows it...Dont seek for them..They'll come to you..Luckily in the Girls case its our guy's job to make the first move..But most of the guys are to shy..Afraid of what the reaction may be..."Think by themselves.."Shit what if she have bricks in her purse or maybe she is armed? Lol well i guess there was people who thought that...

In the Girl's case its a little safer to make a move..^^ Mmmm our poor guys have it rough...But thats life...Everyone is shy...Im shy too..10 years ago when i saw a girl i run for my life..." Cover her with bricks call my dad an run for my life..LMAO well probably not that bad...But it was hectic...

The ones who is in relationships already is very lucky...the avarage age rate where most people find there soul mates is around 24 to to 32...So if your 18 or 21 why the rush? Its really sometimes not that bad to be single...Most guys are very jealous and can have a pretty strong hold on, on a girl..And Girls hate it...Most of you Girls wants your freedom...well i think all of you are like that..^^..Dont want a guy who tells you what to wear and what to do...And what friends you should have...Thats wrong...If a guy can do what he wants so can a girl..Thats how i see it..The main thing should be (Trust) If you dont have this then its never gonna work..^^