Hey Guys Here is a world that you can read stories..This world wont update alot but i will try my best to do that as mush as possible if i have a story to Write...This World will be stories about everything..Stories, Poems, Lyrics and more...

This is a fun World i hope everyone will enjoy it here

Weird Al Rocks!!!!!!

Here is a Lyric of Weird Al's song (You don't love me anymore) Love this song

"You Don't Love Me Anymore"

We've been together for so very long
But now things are changing, oh I wonder what's wrong?
Seems you don't want me around
The passion is gone and the flame's died down

I guess I lost a little bit of self-esteem
That time that you made it with the whole hockey team
You used to think I was nice
Now you tell all your friends that I'm the Antichrist

Oh, why did you disconnect the brakes in my car?
That kind of thing is hard to ignore
Got a funny feeling you don't love me anymore

I knew that we were having problems when
You put those piranhas in my bathtub again
You're still the light of my life
Oh darling, I'm beggin', won't you put down that knife?

You know, I even think it's kinda cute the way
You poison my coffee just a little each day
I still remember the way that you laughed
When you pushed me down that elevator shaft

Oh, if you don't mind me asking, what's this poisonous cobra
Doing in my underwear drawer?
Sometime I get to thinking you don't love me any more

You slammed my face down on the barbecue grill
Now my scars are all healing, but my heart never will
You set my house on fire
You pulled out my chest hairs with an old pair of pliers

Oh, you think that I'm ugly and you say that I'm cheap
You shaved off my eyebrows while I was asleep
You drilled a hole in my head
Then you dumped me in a drainage ditch and left me for dead

Oh, you know this really isn't like you at all
You never acted this way before
Honey, something tells me you don't love me any more, oh no no
Got a funny feeling you don't love me anymore

World of Wonders

I want to take you to the clouds where every could is a differant adventure. Rainbows of all colours and sizes. A world with no sorrow or hate. Just pure happiness. Where days are longer then reality. Where it never gets dark.. Never gets cold. Years are 10 times longer.. Where the moon is so close you can almost touch it..

Where spring never dies. Rivers so clean it looks like mirrors.. And waterfalls as high as mountains. A place where you never gets sick or sad.. Every day is a happy day with none stop fun.. Gardens so beautiful it looks like a paradise. With all colours.. Where butterflies lives more then just a day.. This is my world and i want to share it with you without you none of this is possible.. Your the heart of my world. If you leave me it will die..Becuase your my Friend..

Stupid is what stupid does

Meet marry and ann aka the 2 dumb friends from a town they dont even know. They need a vacation, soon to be a disaster. Both has disaster written all over them.. Later they won a vacation over the internet, well the guy at the internet café helded them because marry doesnt know how to even swich the computer on

While ann is struggling to open the toilet door. She push instead off pull. Finally their on their way to their vacation destination. As they board the plane ann had to go to the restroom again. As she walked looking a whole hour for the restroom while passing it twice she saw cockpitt she thought by herself. Im a lady so im looking for that. So she walked looking for the restroom and as she walked the flight attendent asked her. "mam can i help you? You look lost." she replied by saying. Yes actually i believe i am lost. Can you tell me where is the lady restroom? I see the cockpitt is for men only.. The flight attendent replied. "mam thats where the pilots are the restroom is over here.. Later marry came looking for ann and saw cockpitt written on the wall. She opend the door and saw two pilots flying the plane. Since planes intruaged marry so much she started to ask alot of questions and saw a auto button on the plane that stands for auto pilot..

She asked whats it for and they told her. She turned around amazed by the buttons and walked away. Later she found ann already back in her seat and gone to join her.. 6hours has gone by and its finally time to land. As they got of the plane they hired a car and marry saw an auto button on the dashboard of the car but it was actually Autospeed. Thinking back on what she saw in the cockpitt she thought it must be the same button for auto pilot.. She was very tired after the flight since its impossible to sleep on a plane and ann was already asleep.. She press the button and gone to sleep. Mean while the car travels straight at 75m/h passing people, red lights and other cars and ended up throw a shopping center. Ann flew throw the window and marry broke her jaw on the stearing wheel. The end..

The Truth About Humpty Dumpty's death..

Once Opon a time their was an Egg...It was a Egg that wasnt layed by any bird Or Dinosuar or anything..Yeah dinosaurs excists in this world..Everything does thats why it called (Fantasy Island)..Oh and by the way the ocean dried up....Okay continued to the story...

And so as Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall..Even know there was told that he or she hasnt allowed on the wall he or she did it anyway..Mmm i wonder if Humpty Dumpty was a he or a she...?They dont really say..Or do they?

Well any way..And humpty dumpty had a great fall..Oh and he was pushed by the way...Meet Achmeal...Jap you guessed right..Its Achmed's older brother..Oh and he didnt died yet..He failed to do his mission..Aperrently i think he was busy with other things..Such as maybe refusing to do his missions Cause he dont want to..Tick..tick..tick.Kgggggg!! Like his younger brother..So that was Achmeal who killed Humpty..It was Achmeal who pushed Humpty of The wall..Oh and the wall was about 10feet high...And their was grass beneath so humpty dumpty didnt died from the fall....

C4 And TNT was used..He believed if he blow up humpty he didnt have to die Like his Brother..Yeah so thats the truth about his death..Later they had a nice dinner becuase he was an egg after all....What was left of him after the explosion of course

Piet, Pieter & Piete

Here is a little story i just wrote myself..Its my own hehe yay!! jumps up and down...

Once upon a time there were three friends...Piet, Pieter And piete..LOL They share the same Interests,Same hobbies ,Same Insanity,Same name...Well almost..Piet was the craziest... Piet was the leader of them...One day while their sitting in their little treehouse Piet had an suggestion.. Piet said to the other two..." Lets buy a car" The other two replied..."What! where are we gonna get the money idiot! Piet said.." Well i saved a couple of hundred bucks..A couple? Said Pieter....Yeah a couple as in 1200...Hahaha now what kind of car can you buy for that?..A piece of Crap if you ask me..Said piete...Piet replied...Well no one is asking you so shut your pie whole!!!

Pieter asked Piet...Okay say we buy the car..What then? Mmmm Dont be an idiot Pieter what a hell do you think people do with it? I think you drive it said Piete....Haha sarcasm will get you no where punk..!! Can you even drive? Asked Pieter...Yeah of course i can...I have a remote control car and i play alot of Need for speed..I win all the time.The others looked at him in shock and pieter almost chocked in his beer..Look what you did said pieter i almost chocked in my beer.Haha well you should stop drinking then Moran said piet..Hahaha Bullshit said Piete..You lost all the time..And your defiantly gonna kill as all...Agg piete your so Gay..Said Piet..Do you have to ruin everything? Okay okay lets do this then said the other two.. .Sweet I have my fake license so yeah lets do this...

So there they go off to buy a car...To talk to piet's uncle..his name was peet..Piet asked...Mr peet we would really need a car? Pretty please? His uncle replied " Now what would a little shit like you want to do with a car? Mmmm let me think said Piet..."I think you drive it...Aaaa Smart ass huh..? Said his uncle...Besides you cant even drive to save your life boy...Haha it aint gonna matter if were all dead now would it? the other two said...You guys are not gonna bloody die!!