Hey Guys Here is a world that you can read stories..This world wont update alot but i will try my best to do that as mush as possible if i have a story to Write...This World will be stories about everything..Stories, Poems, Lyrics and more...

This is a fun World i hope everyone will enjoy it here

Awesome Quiz^^

A awesome Quiz Omnai1 made for me..Thanks Hun^^ Mwah


1)place? Everywhere there is nature involed^^

2)Job? A tour Guide since I love traveling

3)Hobby? Drawing of course lol

4)Memory? My grandfather

5)Dream? mmmm I'm not sure..

6)Dinner? Pasta hehe

7)Colour? Orange

8)Car? Chevrolet Lumina SS It has a 6L Hemi V8 engen..Are alot of them here

9)Console? Playstation 3^^

10)Food? Same as Dinner but we call it Supper

11)Drink? Milk mostly^^

12)Weather? Sunny weather..Rainy weather makes me depressed

13)Animal? A lion

14)Sea Creature? Hehe Ummmm The loch ness monster..LOl

15)Board Games? I dont really like baord games..But Monopoly maybe..

16)Conesole Games? Mercenaries2, Grand theft auto (all of them)

17)Number? 7

18)Letter? S

19)Song? Wow there is so many...Umm I'm a country guy actually..Big matt Hunter (Your my best friend)

20)Values/Qualities? Honesty, Respect, Loyalty, Integrity, Self service, Dissapline, Love, Friendship, Bravery,

21)Sport? Gymnastics

22) Art Materials? Pencils^^

23)Artist? Hehe I dont really have one I can think of now..

24)Own Drawing? There is alot lol

25)Art Programme? i dont use them..^^

26)Quote? hehe cant think of one now sorry

27)Eye Colour? Any colour is fine^^ I'm not that piccy

28)Hair Colour? Same as eyes^^

29)Personality? Friendly, And a good sense of humour, Out going and adventurous

30)Part of the Body? The Stomach^^

This Or That

31)Coffee or Tea? Lol coffe of course..I hate tea

32)Fizzy Drinks or Juices? Juices

33)Religion or Own Destiny? Religion

34)Lies or Truth? The truth please^^

35)Love or Hate? Love

36)City or Country? hehe Country..I grew up on a farm..I dont like the city that much..Its to crowded

37)Grief or Comfort? Comfort^^

38)Leader or Follower? We need a Leader..^^

39)Bird or Animal? Animal

40)Family or Friends? Both

41)Internet or Real Life? Real Life^^ But internet can do for now^^

42)Hope or Despair? Hope

43)Half Empty or Half Full? Umm Is there a diffrence?

44)Negativity or Possitivity? Possitivity

45)Peace or War? Piece^^

46)Marriage or Divorse XP ? Marriage of course^^

47)Cold or Warmth? A bit of both

48)Adventure or Cautious? Adventure hehe..What is cautious XD?

49)Clean or Mean XD? Lol! Clean


50)How Many Anime crushes Do you have? Who are they? Sakura, Asuka, Android 18, Videl, Ummm thats about it

51)What Anime Character do you think is like you in personality and maybe looks? and Why? Personality i sould say Naruto..I make the same mistakes twice..I never give up, i can be annoying sometimes,and i care for my friends..Looks? not!! hehe

52)Are you Lazy XD? Lol yeah sometimes but not when it comes to my friends

53)What can you cook? Lol not that good..I will burn the house down

54)Whats your favourite chore of the day?(Housework wise) Ummm Do someone actually have a fave? I thought everyone hates it..^^ Lol well maybe cleaning..I hate a dirty house

55)What do you always dread when you get up for the day? Coffee!!

56)Whats the best thing that has ever happened to you in your life? You^^

57)Whats the worst? Losing my grandad

58)What do you regret? Where do i start?

59)What do you cherish? Friendship and Family..

60)Can you keep a secret?...Yes with my life

61)Could you trust people with your secrets if you had to? It depends who it is

62)Who would you run to if you really needed a helping hand? To you of course^^

63)Would you be good to your other half? Always

64)What Pet would you want if you lived on your own? A lion^^

65)Would you ever hurt or yell at your other half? Never

66)Would you love and protect your other half? with your life if it depended on it? Yes i would^^

67)What would you say to me wanting to kiss you? Hehe i would blush and say yes please

68)Are you a team player? or a lone wolf? I'm a bit of both

69)Is your Girlfriend your bestfriend? Of course^^

70)Now you can tag 5 friends. Bleeeh maybe later

Quiz Request from Omnai1


sports car? a dodge viper.

Tv shows? Smallville all the way.! Hahaha.. And heroes.

Soda? ummm iorn brew.

Colours? Black,blue and orange.

Day of the week? Saterday hehe. It feels longer then sunday. But monday is the longest. I hate monday.

Console? Playstation3 baby! Hehe.

Game or games? All the grand theft auto games. I like to ran everyone over on the side walks.

Place in the world? Ummm maybe my room..It is on earth after all so it counts as a place in the world..

Food? Pasta..And no i'm not Italian

Song? I have a few..Dont feel like answering this

Values/Qualities? Respect, honesty and much more..

Artist? Mmmmm Vincent Van Gogh..Is one of them..

Pass time(s)?: I enjoy drawing..

Sport? Gymnastics

Art tools? Pencils, Pen, Water colour and paint brushes..

Art Program? I dont like art programs but use them to brighten my art up a bit if it's too dark


coke or sprite? Aggr nether! Pass!

Beauty or personality?
Personality by far. Id rather have an averge sweetheart then a pretty bitch.

Love or hate?
Love! What did you think!

Walk or drive?
Lol it depends. To visit my gf if i had one. Id drive what did you think id load her on my back? Mmm i will do that if she ask me. But not likely..

Peace or Fight? Hehehehe i want to say fight..Kick all their asses..But its not really like me..I choose peace..But that doenst mean you can mess with me!! I kill you

Apple bees or White castle? Ewwwww i hate white castle..Their food makes you run for the toilet..I almost shit my skelleton out one day after eating there..So apple bees

Desktop or Laptop? Laptop..Cause you cant take your desktop with you..Get it?

Dogs or Cats? hehe cats of course..Dogs well they can annoy me at times..But that doesnt mean i dont love them..Hehe


will u ever lie to your gf?
If i had one no never. Id treat her with respect.

If you get the chance to cheat on your gf would u do it?
Never! I love her why wil i cheat on her? Thats not love. Cheaters desurve to be alone.

Would you marry your gf if she ask you?
No. Becuase its my job to ask her. If i ever get that lucky one day..

What would you do to make your gf/bf feel special?
If i had one id tell her everyday how much i love her. Wil bring her breakfast in bed with a kiss saying i love you. Wil give her flowers wen shes sad. Red ons to tell her i love her. White ones when i miss her and pink ones to tell her how special she is to me.

Do you get jealous?
It depends. In my eyes jealousy equals mistrust. People does appriciate a little jealousy from time to time. It shows that you care..

Do you trust easily?
It depends on how much they really want my trust again..I do trust easily..But dont take advantage of it

Do you forgive easily?
Yes i do. Not always a good thing. People tend to take advantage of that.

There you go Sophia..Use it as you please..Its not very long but I made this one myself..Hehe Kinda weird to answer your own questions..Felt like i dont have a life or doesnt know what to do with my time..LMAO

Arteo the One Winged Dragon

This is a story of a little dragon named Arteo..She has only one wing since birth..She cant fly..She has 2 brothers and 3 sisters...Arteo is the second oldest dragon of the bunch...But she is the smartest of them all and never backs down from anything...She has two 9 tails and a golden skin...

Since she is the second oldest she can spit fire as well..Her brothers and sisters are always Jealous of her..Because they cant do that yet..But there was always something Arteo always wanted to do..To fly...One day her youngest Sister asked her.."Arteo why cant you fly ? Arteo Replied with tears in her eyes.." I have only one wing..Its like this since birth" The youngest one always likes to help others... One day The youngest one of the bunch asked Arteo.." I wish i could give you one of my wings..!! The End..For now..LOL

Remember people alot of us has only one wing..Just like Arteo..Life has a nasty habit of attacking us with out a warning ..Like a snake in the grass..You dont see him but he can see you..And if you step on him he bites you from behind...I met alot of people who are just like the snake...And we fall for those people all the time..Believe their lies...They came out as this one amazing person..But inside its black and empty...Like a black hole...

We can always relay on each other..Friends are a awesome gift that God gave us..We can hold on to each other to help us fly!!..If your Down and dont know what to do..Ask God and he'll give you another wing..(A friend) To help you through tough times..^^

Dream 3 Ghost Wedding

I dreamed i played the violin for the first time. Never played one before and suprisingly played it very successfully.

I played it like i were playing for years since its not an easy instrement to play.. I later played it again at someone's wedding. Don't know who's wedding it was. I suddenly stopped playing and looked around.

I realised that there were noone at the church but me.. I walked outside and saw nothing but sand. Not one tree or even a tiny grass spot. The sand was white and to bright to look at because of the sun reflecking on it.. The roof of the church as very high and easy to climb on so i decided to climb up for a better look. I saw nothing but sand.. Like theres no end and no beginnig. I climbed down and gone back into the church.. I saw a man there with white clothes on the same colour like the sand outside.. He looked at me for quite a while and i started to get a litte freaked out.

The man walked passed me and gone outside and i followed. When i opened the door he were gone.. I took a step back and he puts his hand on my shoulder and said" never dwell back like the step you just took. As far as the white sand goes so goes my love for you. Just Like the sand has no beginning and no end." i replied. " what does that mean? He smilled and said.. Before you were even born i loved you. And never stopped..

I asked him what does the wedding and the violin has to do with everything. He replied and said. "The violin are you walking the right path. Just like a wedding is the most happiest day of someone's life so will yours be. " i replied and said. "But there were no one there? " and he said. You're walking a straight and norrow path but your attitude is not ready. It might look as if you were alone but i were there the whole time!

A Heart of Gold

This is a story about 2 best friends.They've been friends for over 20 years. One is clumsy and a walking disaster and the other one thinks no one is better then him..

Every one liked the one who always bragged about how good he is. The clumsy one always envy him and looked up to him.. But every one hated the clumsy one.but theres always something the clumsy one always wanted to be.. Like hes best friend..

A year later the clumsy one walked down the road and disaster followed him every where he go.. And a guy on the other side of the road called him. The guy was a director and was intrueded by his clumsiness.. 4 years later he already had 2 movies made and his best friend saw him on tv and was very jealous of his friend's succsess.

He later gone to see his friend on sett. The clumsy one turned around and said. " for years i walked in your shadows and you didnt even notice i were there. I looked up to you and you pushed me away you were like a brother to me, and you forgotten about me.. Everyone hated me and loved you. And not once did you stand up for me.. Now its my turn to feel what you felt.. But you'll always be my friend. And i forgive you...