tag in 7s~

Tagged by Elricbrothersfan :3
1. Answer each of the 7 questions with the name of one of your friends on theO.
2. No repeat names.
3. The 7 people you named are then tagged. Send them a PM with a link to let them know.

1. To which person would you be likely to tell your secrets? Haxelo. Yep. We can talk about each others for hours and not get bored~

2. You're asking someone out and you're nervous/want advice. Who do you talk to? MangaKid~ She's a very good and mature person to me. I think she's like senpai :O that everybody looks up to!

3. You're having a bad day and just want someone to listen. Who would that be?
Klassic! I think she's a very sweet person.

4. You're in jail! Who's going to come and bail your butt out of there?
Hanabusa01~ we're buddies. I guess she'll save me >v>

5. Who's in there with you saying "This'll be a great story to tell at parties"?
superstarpanou~ I thinks she's a bubbly person >v<

6. This is someone who makes you laugh or smile. Who is it? 15385bic~ Always linking me funny/interesting/awesome youtube videos >v<

7. Who do you admire? King-sama!!!!! YEEESSS I wish >v<. His artworks are drop dead gorgeous *u*