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I like to post anything i found funny, important, or just something that caught my attention here :D


giftie for one of my close friends, her birthday is tomorrow
it's been a while since i touch my colored pencils >w< and i still suck at using it le orz

and btw happy mothers day to all the lovely mothers out there :'DD
we love u all ♥

livestream [OFF]

thank you for the people who watch *hugs* though my sai crashed and i'm back to zero =w="


I received my act/psea results yesterday a-and i got a 20!!! wooooohhhhhh!
it was a relief because i got a 17 on the practice one and i heard a couple of my friends their practice one are higher than their actual. And plus, i'm not a smart person ahaha

Nonetheless, that means i can go to the universities i want to enter!
but, i still have to face finals this monday and tuesday ajskjsakljkals

it's hot

asjfhjfahjafskjafs i escaped the blazing outside thanks to my orthodontics appointment haha

our p.e. teacher is evil she told us to play softball at noon, where the temperature is peaking, and this is our situation:

nobody's really trying lol
i'm saying that to try to adapt to the heat jkdasjsadjsdkklsad b-but i didn't work TTvTT darn u midwest cllimate just few days ago hail storm and now heaat waveee!?

anyways, i felt bad for leaving my friends behind in p.e. >w<

2 more weeks of school tralalalaaaaaa


next tuesday would be our ACT test and actually i dunno how to react
i remember few months i was cramming about it but now it totally fade out... i think haha

maybe because i got tired of being nervous and seeing other people nervous, so i think my brain decided to forget that i was nervous, but i still feel that i am nervous dsjklajsakldsajklskajdl lol i don't understand what i'm saying

anyways, i'm planning to take a break this weekend like meditate, watch legend of korra or dramas, eat healthy foods, read something, and go to bed early