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I like to post anything i found funny, important, or just something that caught my attention here :D

i made a gif :3

just a lil gif process of my lazy drawing =w=
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Fu profile

edit: she doesn't have a default clothing, so she's okay with any clothes as long as they are comfy~

after 3 years of developing her I finally came up with a character sheet (´;ω;`) 。
she's was originally my naruto oc, but, when my fandom died i abandoned her for a lil while. Then, after a year I've started to make changes in her, she's a mary sue back in the days, so i tried to add flaws on her.

she has a big bro~ but i'll design him tomorrow or later. It's already 1:33 am
night night theO~
summer really does makes me a nocturnal being///shot

i might edit this in the future :O

i made a pchat

im temi there ehe

but i dunno what i'm doing ahaaahaaa =v="

LS [off]

thank you for watching :D!

brb for pchat goin to eat brunchie first
I'm sorta hungry =u=

i made fried rice!

a couple of minutes, i decided to make a healthy lifestyleee! and said goodbye to my instant ramens!

because i'm always left alone in the house with no food, as usual, I made a fried rice-ish. I glanced at the left over beef from yesterday in the fridge and put into the fried rice. Honestly, i dunno what am i doing, but i certainly felt independent... for a couple of minutes xD... ahaha

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i hope it tastes better than it looks *shrugs*