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I like to post anything i found funny, important, or just something that caught my attention here :D

100 question meme

I'm bored and saw this on tumblr and dA

001. Real Name - Kimberly

002. Nickname(s) – Kim, Kimmy, Kimmicub, Kimmiabs, Kim-kim, Temi, Carmela (my spanish name in spanish class >w<)

004. Male Or Female - Female

005. Elementary – DCES- i'm lazy to type =w=...

006. Middle school – ACSH

007. High School – OTHS

008. Hair Color – Dark Brown, with 2 highlights but they're already faded =u=

009. Long Or Short - I think short :3

010. Loud Or Quiet – Loud, it's freaky when it's quiet...

011. Sweats Or Jeans – Sweats

012. Phone Or Camera – can i have both :3?

013. Health Freak – Nuh-huh

014. Drink Or Smoke? - nope and nope

015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone? Used to be on a real person ahahaa... and yes definitely on a fictional character

016. Eat Or Drink? Both tralalalaaaaa :>

017. Piercings? Ears

018. Tattoos? naaaah


019. An Airplane: Yup

020. A Car Accident: Not and i dun wanna be in one >w<

021. A Fist Fight: not really but I saw others fist-fighting :O


022. First Piercing: Ears

023. First Best Friend: Popo (i forgot her real name >.<)

025. First Award: Poster Making contest. Middle School =u=

026. First Crush: Yukito... from Card captor Sakura or maybe Ron from Kim Possible >////v////< ohh childhood memories tralalaaa

028. First Big Vacation: When we went to Baguio City when I was in 1st grade :3


029. Last Person You Talked To: Sis

030. Last Person You Texted: Jessica

031. Last Person You Watched A Movie With: Arianna and Angela

032. Last Food You Ate: Tuna Patties... I think xD

033. Last Movie You Watched: the girl who leapt through time... Omg... this movie is sooo TTmTT

034. Last Song You listened To: Call me Maybe... kadsjkdasdkjsa i hear this song for like every 10 mins =w=

035. Last Thing You Bought: bottled water...ahahaha... i forgot my water

036. Last Person You Hugged: Brittany


037. Food: Cinnamon Rolls =v=)b

038. Drinks: Orange Juice plz :>

039. Clothing: Any Tees, any shorts or pants, my blue chuck taylors

040. Book: Hunger Games, Iron Fey Series, and the Chicken soup books :3

041. Music: My pandora decides my music and i just listen to it =w=)b

042. Flower: lotus, roses, sunflowers, jasmine, dandelions, white clovers and other weed flower i see on the road :)

043. Colors: I like all the colors :D

044. Movies: Currently I love Avengers

045. Shoes: as long as they're comfy

046. Subjects: Spanish, History... and.... uh maybe Art if I had one =u=


047. [ ] Kissed in the Snow

048. [x] Celebrated Halloween

049. [ ] Had Your Heart Broken

050. [x] Went Over The Minutes On Your Cell Phone

051. [ ] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation

052. [x] Came Outta The Closet

053. [ ] Gotten Pregnant .nope.

054. [ ] Had An Abortion .no

055. [x] Done Something You've Regretted

056. [x] Broke A Promise

057. [x] Kept A Secret

058. [ ] Pretended To Be Happy

059. [x] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life

060. [x] Pretended To Be Sick

061. [ ] Left The Country

062. [x] Tried Something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.

063. [x] Cried Over The Silliest Thing

064. [x]Ran A Mile

065. [ ] Went To The Beach

066. [x]Stayed Single


067. Eating: Milano Cookies
068. Drinking: Water
069. Getting Ready To: To be bored.
070. Listening To: Pandora
071. Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Swimming, Slack, Sleep, Eat.
072. Waiting For: BRAVE TO COME OUT :D


073. Want Kids? ...dunno
074. Want To Get Married? why not :3
075. Careers in mind: Vet, Arstist, part-time worker


076. Lips Or Eyes: uhh, they don't look right without them... i guess
077. Shorter Or Taller? Taller, most of the people are taller than me =w=
078. Romantic Or Spontaneous? Hmmmmm...
079. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms? ...uhhh....
080. Sensitive Or Loud? Loud?
081. Hookup Or Relationship? relationship :3
082. Troublemaker Or Hesitant? Both! C:


083. Lost Glasses/Contacts: My Sister's... hahaaa.
084. Ran Away From Home: Neeveeeerrr
085. Held A Weapon, For Self Defense: Yup, and it's a fork.
086. Killed Somebody? Nope.
087. Broken Someone's Heart? Nope.
088. Been Arrested? Nooopeeeeeeee.


090. Yourself: Sometimes
091. Miracles: Yep, who knows
092. Love At First Sight: Not really.
093. Heaven: Yep
094. Santa Claus: used to be ahahaaa
095. Sex On The First Date: Heck NOO!
096. Kiss: uhhh... this is a strange question =w="


097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now? Hmmmm... Can a fictional Character count as one?
098. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life? OFC~~
099. Do You Believe In God: yeah :3
100. Post As 100 Truths And Tag Ten People: don't really like bothering people so if you feel like doing it then go ahead >w^)b

and prize for readinggg~~~


whew, watta day... I'm so tired =w=

My aunt and uncle went to Colorado and I think they couldn't find someone to watch over my lil cuz and their doggy aaaannnnd jajaaaan! I filled their need =u=

It was hard doing both job at the same time >w<" like when I gave cutie cousin her lunch, cutie doggy would get jealous and start poking me XD( but they get along pretty well, except my cuz loves pulling his tail xD). And also, when I'm walking the dog outside both of them run off in different direction =v=". oh well, I'm so glad this day is done =u=)b and I could start lazing again. Yay!

Summer P.E. tales

I've been doing Summer P.E. for a week now =u= and I can't believe I'm surviving it! though everyday I have muscle cramps, but other than that it's fun :3
I mean most of my friend took it just to hangout with me TTvTT I transferred here on my sophomore year and my current school didn't took my credit for p.e. on my freshmen year oh well, i'm okay with it =w=)b

and I should do a summer p.e. tales everyday xD!
starting today

okay, for today, we did a mile earlier in the track and under the bright sun... it felt like a slow death process but I manage to finish it at 13.64mins I'm not physically fit so I took an extra long shower >w<, I don't like feeling sticky and sweaty

okie dokie back to replying >:3

Wei profile

It's hard to make a profile for him =w=
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Summer SS X-mas wishlist <3

Late is better than never *w*!

Dear Summer Santa,

It's really been a hot one this year, but nonetheless, I would be very very veeerrryy happy to recieve a drawing from you <3

so here's my wishlist >.<

I've a couple of ocs that you can choose from:

Lacie- she's my pokemon oc :3
Bryce- pokemon gijinka :D!

Anime/Manga/Things I watch:

Kuroko no Basket: Kuroko Tetsuya, Tetsuya #2, Ryōta Kise, Shun Izuki
One Piece: Luffy, Chopper, Zorro, Robin, Sabo, Ace
Fairy Tail: Happy, Charles, Wendy, Lucy, Natsu, Erza, Gray
Fruit Basket: Tohru and Kyo <3
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Lambo (5 years old)
Legend of Korra: I luv everybody in the show except for Tarrlok =w=
The Last Airbender: Toph, Zuko, Azula

Pokemon: I like any generation people and all the pokemons too :3
Ib (games): Ib, Mary, Garry
Harvest Moon: Claire and Cliff <3
I need to play more games =u=

Anything under the sun:
* I like animals especially dogs, penguins, pandas, kitties and big cats *w*
* I also like swords >w<!
* Angels <3
* Sunflowers and white clovers
* Anything cute or cool <3

I would love any drawing that would come from you, so feel free to draw anything you have in mind and most importantly have fun <3!