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I like to post anything i found funny, important, or just something that caught my attention here :D

Please sign this people D:

hjahsjshsjs guys, please sign this petition against animal crush videos >m<

i felt ill knowing that those videos are legal in UK D:

Lappy is okay now :D!

yaay! pro cousin cured lappy's flu :D!
but i wonder how did he did it :O, but i'm very very happy :D
thank you very much for all the people commented on my last post ^^!

btw, i might not reply to all the comments >///u///< i received a lot of cheering comments here in theO and dA and i'm so happy to read every single one of them <3 but i don't think i can reply to all of them in one night but i still do my best >:3

something wrong with lappy :O

I'm gonna be in a hiatus for i dunno days >w< since there's something wrong with my laptop like when i open it there's a microsoft defender that pop up o.o
and shows me random stuff =w=" my sister told me it might be a virus or something i dunno...
Now, i'm currently waiting for my computer expert cousin come and hopefully solve the problem (i dun wanna do anything in it because, seriously, i dont know anything about my laptop except to go online, draw on sai, and type on microsoft or make a powerpoint =w=b)
i hope it will be fixed soon :O

i just butt in my sis laptop to post this >.<
so hope to talk to you soon >m<

Pay it forward requests >w<

Bru-senpai choose me to be one of her 3 people >////w////< about this challenge

the main idea of the challenge is you have to draw a pic for someone and then that person has to draw 3 more pics for 3 other people and so on and so on, but you can't draw a pic for the person that drew a pic for you.

Summing up, in order to help bru-senpai i need 3 people who are willing to do the same favor >u<

these wonderful people ♥♥, who are i'm drawing for:
1. yumei
2. Kaijin89

Thank you very much *bows*

last day of swimming

sadhjsahj i was late by 15 mins earlier =w=" ehehehehee
anyways, our teacher told us that this is our last day of swimming, he said the little summer campers are goin to use the pool (some of my classmates complained but i'm cool with it :3) and that means skills test dsajhasjsak we have to swim from end to end using backstroke

OMG it was one of my difficult time in my lifeeee i can't swim =v=, but my teacher saw my effort and gave a C! i dont really care for my grade in p.e. yessss woot!

okie dokiee, i'm back :)