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I like to post anything i found funny, important, or just something that caught my attention here :D

graduation gift

Haven't posted in a while on this world :O

Our weather has a major mood swings. Last friday, we had a perfect 68 degrees weather with light, refreshing breeze but, now, it's been a steady gloomy 32 degrees, not including the depressing wind chills. Anyways, besides my weather rant. I'm making a big project yet and I wanna share it to you guys :D. Since we only have 7 more mondays left of high school, I'm planing to make all my friends some graduation gifts >v<. I will try to make them a personalize keychain with their favorite things/characters/people/heroes using this tutorial I found in tumblr. I think this will take a lot of time so I already started it yesterday.

I hope I'll be able to finish them before graduation <3
such bittersweet event to look forward to TTuTT


I babysat my little cousin today and made a little comic about it >v<


ahhhh! gosh I don't really like valetines day but I don't hate it >//////<
it's just too mushy for my heart to handle, gyaaa, but I got a bunch of chocolates and candies from teachers, friends, and random people in the streets who hands them to strangers~
I hope u have the sweetest day today <3

I made a couple of drawings for friends and family and this is for my mommy~

and the highlight of my day or not hahaa
my teacher is in love with love erm...
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gosh it took forever to dust them off =v=


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I want to say thank you very much for all the comments I received, and I want to apologize for not replying, I'm sorry my dears I didn't mean to overlook those supportive words. This semester has been very hectic, I just recently became really involved in school. Yeah, because I need to fill my schedule, I joined our school's broadcast team. I did not expect that they do a lot of work ( I found a new respect for them ). Nonetheless, I am sad to say that I might not be as active like before but I would try to reply to your lovely comments when I got the time.

I still have to finish my valentine gift hakshdjdjadsj
thank you for reading *bow*

ss valentine wishlist

Sup Cupid!

First of all,I want to thank you for being my secret valentine this time *bows* and a special thank you for Sayura for hosting this awesome event! :)
Since this is a season of loooooove, I'll try to make my wish a little valentine-ish >///v//< so here I go :D

Anime/Manga/Movies/Manwha/Stuff I watch in TV (couples) I will list a variety of otps I have at the moment. Feel free to chose a pairing you like ^^

Tomoe x Nanami (kamisama hajimemashita)
Naruto x Hinata (Naruto)
Howl x Sophie (Howl's Moving Castle)
Haku x Chihiro (Spirited Away)
Jack Frost x Merida (RotG/Brave)
Sosuke x Ponyo (Ponyo)
Peeta Mellark x Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games)
George x Meg (Paperman)
Finn x Flame Princess (Adventure Time)
Toph x Sokka (The Last Airbender)
Nachal x Ah-ryoung (Gwisin Byeolgok)
Japan x Taiwan (Hetalia)
Okita x Kagura (Gintama)

Ocs you can choose from:

Wei though Wei is still under construction >v<

My Fictional/Celebrity crushes///slapped >///v///<:

Enma Kozato
Portgas D. Ace
Jesse McCartney
Kim Jae Joong

Valentine related stuff:

puppy inside a box
teddy bears and other stuff animals

Phew, I add a bit more diversity on my list~
It took me a while to write them down, but I hope you would be comfortable with them ^^ I hope you have fun too! Ciao