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I like to post anything i found funny, important, or just something that caught my attention here :D

10 freee sketcchesss {{DONE :O}}

edit: thank you for all the awesome people who signed up for this~~ *hugs*
hi everybody i'm doing the free sketchess tooo~
i'll do my best to make it neat~

first 10 pepz will get a free sketch frommm temi-temi~
i wanna do what sakura kokoro is doing, but i'll be going back to school on tuesday TT^TT

so yeah~
just comment here my lovable people ♥

1. superstarpanou
2. Immortal Queen
3. Aria Sky
4. cheriepy
5. JanetChan
6. chibi-anna-chan
7. Sakura Kokoro
8. niwarabbit
9. DixieWings
10. FFNaru134

i'm crossing out all the one's i've already finish~ btw i'll submit all ten in one page C:

just for kicks and giggles:
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♥ Rooftop Prince ♥

or is it just me lol xD

doodle 2

forgive me for flooding ur backroom w/ random doodles TTwTT

theO guy~

my theO person~~
just wanted to draw him in normal size =w=)b

i haven't named him yet, any suggestion dearies?

doodlie doodle

doodle from drawr.net~

i cant remember how did i got there i just found my self already doodling something xD

( ̄�&Atil

full version of this one
i'll just upload it here ♥

i want jintan and menma be together forever TTwwwTT

and sorry for murdering kanji charcaters lllOTL...