Why, hello there. My name is Estelle. Please do read as much as you like! =^_^=

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Dear Diary, Sigh... Lupe called me "perfect" again. In some way, I'm not sure If I should be flattered or not. Of course being called perfect SHOULD be a compliment, however, I guess I'm just sick of hearing everyone calling me that....

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My Wishlist..

Me: Estelle!!Estelle!! *pokes with pencil* Estelle: *looks up from reading, annoyed* Yes? What is it, Miss Nae? Me: :3 What do you what for Christmas? X3 *places pencil point on notepad* Estelle: *blinks and points to self* Ar...

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More Links! X3

An EstelleXReo Moment X3

My Story

Back in the old days when NELLIE did the PGR weekly reports ^.^

REO PICTURES! <3 >///////////3///////////<

Staring to like Lux <//< / Embarrassing moment!

Lux sleeps next to me X3

My Past and Waking up to Lux O/////O

Cute Lux Moment in Kitchen!

MORE cute moments in the kitchen ^.^

The picture linked to the previous Link !

Old post links! :D (Interesting! MUST READ!!)

Awee, back in the old days when I FIRST started PGR :)
It was back when I was 15... I believe.




The Post about the POKEMON CONTEST!!

At the Pokemon contest

Meeting Hon! :D

Getting hit my Melody :/


Fighting Lux >:3

Okay the NEXT link is actually Team Plasma N's old old old OLD post of us battling Lux. ^.^

The EPIC Battle! >:3
And if you want to read eveyone else's epic battle posts, just read backwards at the old PGR site!

Into Lux's mind with Confusion attack

Lux's post after mine ( I loved this one!)

Ending Lux's bad side (How I got my slash on my stomach)

Ending the battle FINALLY/ Hoom and Lux KISS!! (Team Plasma N Post)

Back to the destroyed headquarters (NEW HOME!) (Otomi Babii's Post

A bit of the mansion's beauty and a bit of Lupe's Room (Otomi Babii's Post)

Estelle's Room and new outfit :3

Me: Wow.... I forgot how creative I was... :(

Lavender Hair

I saw this picture and it made me think of Estelle.
I mean it look nothing like her. (Except they both look like a porcelain doll)
But ya know! I like the lavender hair ^.^