Why, hello there. My name is Estelle. Please do read as much as you like! =^_^=

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Me: I drew this when Zai-kun was still in PGR. ^_^ It was for that mission when you had to draw your gjinkas as Vocaloids! (POKELOIDS!! XD) Zaishi: ;A; Naee...

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Beach Top

Me: Nae here! Guess I should start on posting the sketches! (I scanned them this morning at school and placed them on my phone >W<) Well this is one of...

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New Art :3

Hello everyone. This is Estelle speaking! =^.^= It seems as if Nae got people to make art of me and I'm here to shine some light on these wonderful art works!

Estelle Fanart by Lonika

Ice Cream Time Estelle! by Ryukenden

Spring Attire

I was thinking this could be Estelle's Spring look. It's not drawn but whatever! ...

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Estelle Sketch

It's been a while since I've drawn Estelle. I'm a bit rusty.. ^__^' ...

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