Why, hello there. My name is Estelle. Please do read as much as you like! =^_^=

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Cleaning Up!

Hello everyone, =^__^= It is good to be back, and I am delighted to see everyone's faces! New and old! From this point on, Nae-san and I shall be doing some cleaning. What cleaning you ask? Well, all in a nutshell, Nae-san will ...

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Good afternoon, everyone. It is Estelle speaking! Long time no chat, ne? =^___^= Well, I'm just here to say that I MISS YOU ALL! Please do know that Miss Nae have NOT forgotten about you all! I shall return to PGR once Miss Nae's compu...

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Short Hair Chibi

Me: And the sketches continue! Well remember Estelle cut her hair and changed her outfit to something that was more.. "in style"? Well This was drawn back th...

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Steamy Dreamy

Estelle: O////O M-Miss Nae!! Me: I HAD to show the peeps what you were dreaming Estelle! XD I started this long ago and never finished! Sorry if you hardly ...

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Discovering family

Me: One of my favorite :') This is a sketch of Estelle finding out Nyarth was her brother (back at the first festival and Nyarth had a case of the poke-pox) Eneko-...

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