Why, hello there. My name is Estelle. Please do read as much as you like! =^_^=

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My Attire

Winter Outfit: Soft Purple (or lavender) long sleeved turtleneck sweater, dark purple ruffled skirt with black bows, black hair bows, white long thigh high socks, and black Lolita doll shoes. Sometimes is accessorized with big bla...

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Fighting Style

Nae: This is a post dealing with how Estelle's hand-to-hand combat battle styles are. Her moves and martial arts is eaxatly...

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Tips on RPing with Me :3

Hello, there. It is me, Estelle! Are you having trouble getting my persona correct while adding me into your stories? Well, please look no further! I am going to help with by giving you a few tips! So pay attention! Alright, nya? :3 ...

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Estelle's Information

Pokemon: Espeon Species: Sun Pokemon National #: #196 Title: The Cat Pokemon Type of Pokemon: Psychic Held Item: Lum Berry Ability: Synchronize - When poisoned, burned, or paralyzed, so is the oppo...

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Estelle's Voices

These are Estelle's FINAL decision on voices. ^__^ Japanese Voice: Kasumi from Dead Or Alive 2 ...

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