Why, hello there. My name is Estelle. Please do read as much as you like! =^_^=

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Estelle And Hoom

I drew this LONG ago when hoom and Estelle both had short hair ... Idk what made me draw this .. lol But I hope you like :D

P.S. Somebody RP with me ! :D

Another Sketch :D

Me: I got bored and sketched another :)


Estelle: -///////- Sure does look like it though, Miss Nae ....

Me: <.< .... ANYWAY ! You notice the burns on her neck and wrist ? Well THOSE are the reason she wears a collar and gloves ALL the time. Don't believe me ? Go ahead and check every outfit I had for her ... Go On .................. Ha, believe me now ? lmfao

Just sketching ..

Just to get back on my feet, I drew a little sketch of what Estelle looks like now (in my head lol) . Her hair is longer and her eyes are much narrow than before. A sign of growing up .. *sniffle* ...

Estelle: Oh please, Miss Nae.. ^^'

Roleplay ?

Is anyone interested in doing a little roleplay with me in the comment box? Ya know, just to get me back on my feet. So I can get in touch with my character side again .. ^^

Estelle: *smiles* I would like to have a little chat with anyone who feels the same.

Since your 17 ...

Me: Estelle-chan ?

Estelle: *looks up from reading romance novel* Hmm? Yes Miss Nae?

Me: I've been thinking ... Since your 17 now , since January, how about a new outfit?

Estelle: Wahh ?! Another one ??

Me: I know , I know ! But I just can't help myself ! You need a outfit for every age ! :DDD

Estelle: -sigh- ... Your the creator.. *goes back to reading*

Me: What do you think reader? Should I give her a new look ? :))