Why, hello there. My name is Estelle. Please do read as much as you like! =^_^=

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Just a Sketch (:

.......... ............ ............... ..... This is from a RP me and Anime-chan are doing . I just drew it :) Yes, Estelle is crying and she's saying ...

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Estelle's OFFICIAL Outfit

OKAY! I've decided! I mean I drew her in it but ya know ... I came home for summer school but the drawing is over my father's house. So ... I'll try to make this as detailed as I can! ...

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Espeon Information

Okay, so I was looking up stuff for an Espeon so I could fill out that long new character profile and I found some things I thought were pretty cool! You should read! AND you should do this on your gijinka as well! That way we can all know a littl...

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Estelle's NEW Character Profile

It's about the same. Just a few changes :) Pokemon: Espeon Name: Estelle ( Ess - Tell ) Age: 18 Birthdate: January 10th Sign: Capricorn Hair color: Lavender Hair length: Down to her middle/lower ba...

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Dress Ideas ?

Okay so these are what I'm thinking of giving Estelle. I just can't decide ! Can you help me ?? *puppy eyes* Eneko-chan said to keep her Lolita style soo I will :3 . Dress/Outfit #1: ...

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