A poem

with broken heart.
The cold and the hate
takes over my feelings
and kills them.
Blood on my pillow
and my body is numb
Nobody heard my prayers,
nobody heard my screams of help.
I’m alone.
The blanket over my,
but no warmth.
The man kind have betrayed,
they are gone from my mind.
Nobody sings for me
or cheer up.
The day disappea s
and the dark step forth
from his hiding place.
The shadows crawls back
and engrosses the day.
The Silence.
My pale body,
eyes stare out the window.
Scratch noises outside
that window.
Begging to come in
I walk to it
and open the window for it.
A shadow flows in,
circles around the bed.
Lay myself upon the bed
once again
in depression.
The shadow takes a shape
of a man
in a night black cape.
He lies beside me
brushes my hair away
from my face.
Whispers stories
into my ear
The hate and cold
the warmth,
I’m happy.
He whispers in the end
“Good Night…”
Then everything turns black,
but he’s there
Watching me…


The beauty is the beast and the beast is the beauty.