This feeling...

This feeling
So cold, so heavy
Why do I feel
Did I hurt you?
What happened between us?
What went wrong?
I don`t
remember but
and a pain
almost unbearable
but I remember what you did
Do you cry for me?
Do you fell guilty?
Do you regret
over what you have done
to me?
Do you still hear
my screams at night
when you are at sleep?
I wonder
Why I`m still thinking
of you
You were my best friend
But still
you manage to do that
to me
You burned me alive inside
Let me suffer
Let me scream top of lungs
For you to help me
But you didn`t do anything
You stood there
Front of my house
When the flames burned me
I hate you
So much that I want you
You shall suffer that much I did
And more
I shall take my revenge
You shall feel the pain I went through
You shall suffer until
Your last breath
I won`t rest until you`re
I shall trap you inside like you did
With me
You cannot escape
your Death…