Dead Night

Dead Night
A little girl were walking home from a friend. It was cold and she only wore her school-uniform. She shivered and tried to keep herself warm, but no use. It was already dark. Only the moon and the houses gave light to the empty streets. She walked down the street until she heard a whisper called by her name. She stopped and looked around. But she saw no one. “Just the wind” she said to herself and started walking again. But then she heard that whisper again. She looked around terrified, but still no one to see. She got a little scared, but she just kept on walking. Then she heard the whisper again. She turned around and her eyes widen in fear. Only 6 meters from her she saw a creature with red eyes looking at her. They were filled with hunger and the body was like a dog…or a wolf. The girl saw something red dripping from its mouth. It was blood. The poor girl gasped over the sight of blood. She ran off. And the beast was following he right behind. She could hear it coming closer and she tried to run faster, but she were no match to the attacker. She ran through the park and tried to distract it by tossing things on it. But it dodged it easily. When she was half through the park she tripped and fell on the ground. The creature took chance to attack her. He attacked her and the poor girl was about to scream, but her throat were filled with blood as the monster bite her neck. The sound of flesh filled the air. She felled dead on the ground. With her head bitten off.
~By darKatana~


I`m really bad at this. I can make the story in my head, but it`s difficult when I shall write it down. I hate details!!! *groan* I am bad at english, especialy in translation.
But I thought on something.... I send some pictures here and then the members shall write a story about it. I have a lot of pics on my pc that I can use. The members can do it free, but it will great if they took the quest. And maybe fun to read difficult stories about the same pic. OwO
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