The Red Veil

On a cold stormy night a young girl walked into an old cafe and sat down in a booth all by herself. There was a banker, an officer, and a strange man in a black coat wearing a hat. She went into the bathroom and when she was washing her hands she heard a screechy voice and it said "Meet me in the phone booth tomorrow night." She was a little freaked out. She went back to her table and ordered some coffee. Then she got up and left, but the young woman could not stop thinking about the voice. So the next day she did her usual work and at 11:59 she went into the cafe. The same people were still there except for the banker. She walked out the back door and into the phone booth. She was so scared she didn't even notice all of the blood hand prints in there. So she waited for the voice. And not long after that the voice said "Shall we put the red veil over your face?" She didn't know what to say so she quietly said "Ummm.. Yes?" And she saw all of the people in the cafe around her covered in blood and she screamed. She had a million tiny holes in her body and blood all over her face as if she was wearing a red veil...

by Tatsumafangirl411