Getting stuff done... Or not.

So Wednesday, I was assaulted, and I mean ASSAULTED, with a huge homework load that is due on Monday. I have three separate art projects in one class alone. So Friday I was planning on getting all of my stuff done. But then the thing happened where I didn't feel like getting up and doing anything. Wasn't inspired.

What I have to do for my class is basically to take a few seconds from a song and draw out six of the individual sounds/instruments from the piece. We are trying to visually represent sounds. Now, this is exciting for me. I have ALWAYS seen sounds in my mind as shapes and colors. I'm really going to have fun with this!!
The other thing we have to do is paint with calligraphy brushes, a cluster of leaves.
The other is to read a chapter in our art book.
And the last is to basically manip a painting called "Paris Street: Rainy Day" and put it to music.

So I'm going to try again tomorrow!! I don't have work at all so I have infinite time to work on everything. Tomorrow will be my productive day!!

Today before work, I wrote a lot of Nyarths next post! It's proving to be really fun to describe life as seen through the eyes of the enemies. I'm loving this :> I hope to finish it tomorrow and post it!!!

Tonight, after work, I hung out at my young manager Laura's apartment! We have a LOT of the same interests, like Skyrim and homestuck and EVERTHING. She's really cool. I watched my first episode of Star Trek too! She decided to show me the fluffy balls episode. "Trouble with Tribbles". It was funny and corny and I loved it. XD. I might keep watching them!

But now it's 4am, and I should go to bed. Night.
Eneko out!