Ryuk's Magical Adventure

A/N: Just to let you know, this has nothing to do with magical adventures. But does contain a drunk Shinigami. It's all in the name of fun, so laugh your noggins off!


Ryuk’s Magical Journey

Have you ever seen a drunk Shinigami? No? Neither had Light Yagami until the very Shinigami that followed him around asked what else apples could be used for. Light had replied with everything from pies, to objects that could be used to throw at people you don’t like. Light had also made the mistake of mentioning that apples could be used to make alcohol.

Of course, this piqued the Shinigami’s interest, and had immediately insisted that Light take him to where people used the apples to make the alcohol. Of course, that meant Light had to take Ryuk the Shinigami to the nearest cider factory, something that he was soon regretting.

“Liiiight, I laaaaike this stuff…” Ryuk slurred, gulping down his twelfth glass of cider.

“I bet you do, but don’t you think you’d better stop, now?” Light replied, looking around him. It was odd that not a single person had noticed all this cider disappearing.

“Nooo, it’s goooood.”

Light rolled his eyes, and pulled Ryuk away from the alcoholic drink. Ryuk wasn’t even able to float along behind Light, he was that drunk. Apparently, alcohol didn’t do good things to Shinigami, just like they didn’t do good things to humans.

“Liiiight, I feel weeeird,” Ryuk said, swaying along behind Light.

“Yes, that’ll be because you just drank a ridiculous amount of cider. You need to sleep it off,” Light replied, pointing to his car in a way for Ryuk to get in.

After a few minutes of Ryuk failing to grab the door handle, Light yanked it open, and pushed the Shinigami into his back seat. Ryuk lay over the seats, with his legs up in the air, and giggled madly to himself as Light shut the door and got into the driver’s seat.

“It’s a good thing no one else can see you…” Light muttered to himself, looking into the rear-view mirror as he began to drive off, and seeing a pair of Shinigami feet reflected there.

By the time Light had driven them both to his home, Ryuk was spark out, snoring like some giant beast, and was impossible to wake up. Light left him in the car, knowing that no one would see him, anyway, and went into the house, glad that he had some peace and quiet from the drunkard.

When morning came, and Ryuk woke up, he held a hand to his head. The sunlight was blinding him, he had an overwhelming urge to puke, his head felt as though it was going to crack open, and his legs ached from where they had been stuck up in the air all night.

Ryuk changed his mind about apples.

He didn’t love them so much, anymore.