A Moment Like This ~(Yaoi)~(UPW)

A party was raging at the Granger’s dojo. Tyson’s place seemed to be the place for parties these days, now that BEGA was gone and the BBA had returned. Drunken teens stumbled everywhere, knocking things over, and destroyed Gramps’ plants, just when he had gotten them back to normal.

“Tyson, this party is bangin’!” Max exclaimed, taking another swig of his blue WKD.

“Hahaha, you sound like my Gramps, Max!” Tyson giggled, tripping over his own foot, and crashing into Hilary, accidentally groping her boob as he did so.

“Tyson, you lecherous git!” Hilary yelled, punching Tyson squarely in the jaw.

Daichi let out a little sigh as Hilary began beating the crap out of Tyson. Max and Ray were so busy laughing at the warring teens, that Daichi slipped out of the dojo unnoticed. He walked over to the koi pond, and sat down, watching the fish swim around.

“You not in the partying spirit, either?” a voice said from behind Daichi.

Daichi looked over his shoulder to see an equally short person looking at him. Ian.

“Nah… It’s all a bit too alcohol-fuelled for me,” Daichi replied.

“Tell me about it… Tala and Kai can’t seem to keep their hands off of each other,” Ian said, sitting down next to Daichi.

“Heh, it seems everyone has someone… Except me,” Daichi said sadly.

“Aww, don’t think that… I’m sure there’s someone,” Ian said, trying to cheer up the sad boy.

“Not really…” Daichi mumbled.

“Then I’ll change that,” Ian said.

Daichi looked up at Ian, unsure of what the elder boy meant by that. Ian leant in gently, taking care not to poke Daichi in the eye with his nose. Their lips met, taking Daichi by surprise, and he jumped backwards a tad.

“What was that for?” Ian asked, looking blank.

“Sorry, it just… Shocked me…” Daichi replied, clutching at his chest. His heart was racing at a million miles an hour.

“Want to try that again?” Ian asked.

Daichi nodded, a little blush creeping across his face. They both leaned in again, faces getting closer. They were so close to kissing, when Ian’s nose accidentally poked Daichi in the eye. Daichi drew back, holding his eye, and glaring at Ian with the one that he could see out of.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean for that to happen!” Ian said in a panic, waving his hands around.

“It’s okay,” Daichi sighed, letting go of his eye, and his head drooping.

Daichi felt a hand lift his chin up, and he was once more looking into Ian’s eyes. Daichi felt his own eyes slide shut, and felt himself leaning in towards Ian again. Their lips met again, this time nothing interrupting it. As their mouths worked together, shouting and catcalls came from the dojo.

“Woo! Look at Ian and Daichi getting it on!” Tyson yelled.

Both Ian and Daichi stuck their middle fingers up, not stopping their kissing. Nothing was going to ruin this moment, this time.


A/N: This is my second story for the Unusual Pairings Wave. Ian/Daichi is fast becoming one of my favourite pairings, oddly enough...