Hello, I am EclipseDragon, and welcome to my den!(lol)

This world is for interesting tags, game tips, and other things I can find/think of! XD

Note: My former alias here is Wolfgamer, so if you see anything with
the old logo on it, that would be mine.

Here's a bit about me:

Name: *Classified Information*
Location: *Classified Information*
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Greenish-Hazel
Age: 19
Likes: Anime, videogames, manga, movies, books, dragons, humor, pizza, *cut for space limitations*
Dislikes: People who DO NOT wash their hands, hypocrites, beets, cabbage, tarantulas, and other things...

Music: I'll listen to anything. Seriously. However, I prefer a variety of rock, anything with a beat, and classical.

Fav. Anime/ Manga: Hetalia, Highschool of the Dead, The Demon Ororon, Rave Master, Bleach, Naruto(series), Vampire Knight, FullMetal Alchemist(series), Kekkaishi, Trigun, Fruits Basket, Night Of The Beasts, Death Note, Shaman King, Yu-Gi-Oh!(series), Case Closed, Final Fantasy: Unlimited, and others I am too lazy to list.

Fav. Videogames: Persona (series), Disgaea(series), Kingdom Hearts(series), Shadow Hearts(series), Devil May Cry(series), Chrono Trigger, Time Crisis 2, Valkyrie Profile(series), Dance Dance Revolution(any of 'em), Final Fantasy(Dissida, Dissida 012, Crisis Core, VII, Dirge Of Cerberus, X) and so many, many more... :)

#1 movie: How To Train Your Dragon

Quote of The Moment:
"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."
-H.P. Lovecraft

Shaking Off Dust @[email protected]

Whoa, haven't been on in a long time now. Missed alot of stuff, especially challenges. @[email protected]'
Well, one has gotta be optimist in situations like this!


I'll try to get some art/wallpapers/ecards up soon, but you'll have to be patient. I'm on my mom's laptop at the moment, so I really can't do much. My main computer got a virus so Nate has to patch it up. Thanks for being patient/understanding/etc.

Cleaning and Tuxes

Very long time since I've posted, so I might well voice my thoughts.

Today was a cleaning day, and fate has it I now have a new chore: Closet Cleaning. I found stuff I never knew I had, and even got biffed in the head by a game of Chinese Checkers. Not much else. I'm working on an RP called 'Drake Academy', but there are two things you should know: The title might change, and it's in the middle stages of development. Tomorrow I get dragged to the city with my friend Cameron because our moms want to get us tuxedos for senior prom. I thought I had a tux ready, but apparently I 'have the wrong idea'. Well, that's what's going on right now. Not much else. Just boredom.
In my boredom, I made some screenshots from Bleach today. Here's one of 'em. Enjoy.

KH World

Um... I'm really sorry, and I hate to be the bad guy here, but 'Forbidden Charms' has been getting a lot of spider webs and dust bunnies. I know I need to update points, so I'll do that after this. However, I really hate to be the bad guy, but, if there aren't a few posts there soon, I might have to take it down due to lack of interest. I hope you can forgive me. >_<'

Best Quiz Result EVER! XD

I randomly looked for quizzes online today and found one that was freaking hilarious: "How Many Justin Biebers Could You Take In A Fight?"! I nearly keeled over from laughing so hard, and my friend Nate was worried I might actually die from laughing. So, with pride, I post my result!

Those who like him, please don't take it personally. It was just for fun. Those who actually approve or find this hilarious too, CLICK HERE to take the quiz for yourself.

Things in 5's

LIST...... 5 Nicknames: 1. Wolfy 2. Wolfienstein 3. Eclipse 4. Pet Mexican 5. -name pending- 5 Best Friends: 1. Sara 2. Kali 3. Nate 4. Cameron 5. Jo 5 Enemies: ...

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