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For you vdr-07 :)

Hope you like~

GIL for Krokun :)

As I promised, because he is just the coolest Gijinka I have ever seen :)

Here's Gil! I hope I did him justice~

Luca: Why the hell you postin' this in my world!??

Draik: *clears throat* It's my world..Luca..

Luca: It's OUR world now! D:<

Me: It's for everything Gijinka now :P

Draik's Profile

Name: Draik

Pokemon: Darkrai

Hair color: White

Eye color: bright blue

Age: He's a legendary so his age is unknown to everyone except himself~

Likes: black, dark places, night, dreams

Dislikes: brightness, sunlight, endangering/hurting others, loud noises

Personality: Draik can be very unsocial and silent. He tends to distance himself from people and fears bonding. Afraid that he will hurt those around him, Draik will isolate himself whenever possible. His cold, stoic exterior is mostly a facade, used to push others away. He means no harm and only fights as a mean of defense.

Basically...he needs hugs..and lots of em' ._.;

Abilities: Can become a shadow to escape danger, Inhabits people's dreams and causes them to have unending terrible nightmares. Lull people to sleep. Only active during nights of the newmoon.

-Dark Void
-Focus Blast
-Dark Pulse
-Nasty Plot

Battle conditions:

-Weak against fighting and bug pokemon.
-resistant against dark and ghost pokemon.
-unaffected by psychic pokemon

BG: A mystery..bwahahhaa x)