Once upon a time, there was an authoress who just couldn't get enough of her favorite characters. So, she decided to borrow them for some time to stick them in plots and machinations of her own insane devising. Luckily for us, we have written records of these incidents, and present them to you here for your amusement and reading pleasure. Welcome to the Rabbit Hole!

Kingdom Hearts:

Vienna: All he said was "Bring beer." He didn't think I'd bring a fucking army. Paring: StrifeHart; Warnings: AU, suicide, yaoi, language, alcohol

Light of the Morning: I wanna see you in the morning, I wanna see you when the breaking day is dawning. Squall wants to see Cloud in the light of the morning. Flash fanfiction, light yaoi.

For You: For LightKeyblade over on FF.net, who requested some AkuRoku from me. I finally got around to it in a fit of inspiration. Just a cute little ficlet featuring Roxas and Axel. Rated T for shounen ai.

Definition of a Limit: If the lion wanted to stay in his den, licking the still-healing lacerations of his past, then the wolf was the only one who could coax him out and force him to live. Cleon, T for shonen ai, lil' bit o' angst, lil' bit o' sexual humour

Christmas Wish: My submission for the AkuRoku Secret Santa over on dA. It's pretty long, I apologize, but what's done is done. I did my best; I have no regrets. ^_^ So here's to a fairly fluffy Christmas fic in which Axel is at a loss and Roxas likes seasalt ice cream. Enjoy! *AkuRoku, AU, shonen ai, one-shot

Nobody Had To Stay: Nobody had to stay with me, but you did anyway. You're like the ketchup to my fries...if I liked ketchup, anyway. *Written for Demyx/Axel Day, one-shot, yaoi, Demyx POV

Wondrous Things: It was a rare sensation that he relished in every time he experienced it, the feeling of being so close to life and death at the same time. It was the same feeling he got whenever Demyx was around. Written for Dexion Day; one-shot; yaoi

Assassins' Tango: When Riku finds out his assassination agency wants him dead, that doesn't shock him. What does is that they hired his boyfriend to do it. A SoRiku fic; AU, yaoi, violence, language

Birthday Boy: A birthday fic for SojiRem, involving her OC Triskix and 'The Great O.J. Conspiracy'

Final Fantasy VII/Advent Children:

Modes of Existence:Cloud Strife: patient #0102. Squall Leonhart: the #1 psychologist at Edge Asylum. Sephiroth Crescent: the catalyst to it all. With such different modes of existence, can they ever learn to live together? AU, crossover with Kingdom Hearts, shonen ai, eventual yaoi, violence.

Conclusions: Sometimes things aren't what they appear to be. Other times, they are. Crisis Core; SephxCloud plus an over-excitable Zack, shounen ai

If That Boy Don't Love You By Now: Cloud's lack of romantic skills and gaping crush on Sephiroth is starting to worry Zack. So, he's taking matters into his own hands. By the time he's through with them, they'll definitely be in love...right? A CloudxSephiroth fic; yaoi, AU, OOC

Ludwig Kakumei:

Cake: Prince Lui loved cake, all kinds of cake. He especially loved finding new ways to enjoy the fluffy, sugary desert. A LuixWil fic, very slight shonen ai


Now Cracks A Noble Heart: There was one person Hamlet could turn to. There was another reason why Ophelia killed herself. There was no way he'd let anyone find out. A HamletxHoratio fic. Warnings: yaoi, sexual situations, anachronism, literary liberties


All he said was "Bring beer." He didn't think I'd bring a fucking army. Paring: StrifeHart; Warnings: AU, suicide, yaoi, language, alcohol _______________________________________________________________________________ "Are you free?...

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