HI there I'm Cynthia
I won't really have some specific thing to post about
I'm really just going to use this as a blog.
I'll probably have random updates of the most amazing thing thats happened
or an update about the worst thing thats happened.
I like comments. I like reading them.


I'm going to check off some firsts tonight.
1. Attending a local band concert.
2. Going with a friend I really don't even talk to
3. Being the third wheel, She's going with her boyfriend :/

So my week has been okay. I only got slightly depressed once at lunch because I felt those horrible alone feelings lurking back. That one breakdown I had has really made me feel all good for over 2 weeks, it would be a shame if that's the limit.

Uh my weekend. I have one project to finish it's fairly easy but I only have two concepts of a Just world for my college and those are security and nature(nature is tranquility and order in society) I need two more elements of a just world to write my paper with. Oh and in others new I won my schools tshirt contest again this year. I was actually nervous about it this year because peoples shirts look pretty decent and when I watched the voting some people said they liked some other then mine. AND NO I'm not trying to sound like some dictator like HOW dare they not VOTE FOR ME, YOU MUST ONLY VOTE FOR ME. It's just I'm not used to sharing the spotlight when it comes to computer art, and especially in my little ignorant school. I don't mean that in a rude way btw.

I want to start making some wallpapers but I don't have any ideas of what to do. I got to make a fabulous card to wow Angel(well that's directed to you since your reading this probably...)

This looks long, that's a first. I'm out gonna finish all my homework.

optimist or pessimist?

So how goes all?
I have to read this extremely boring book:Jane Eyre. It's not TOO boring like my other ones but what makes it so boring is that the narrator blabs on about the scenery and the way things looks for about 4 pages until any events ACTUALLY happen.

You know school seems to be getting a lot better. I don't know if I mentioned before but I found someone else who likes anime and is Hispanic! I feel like most Hispanics I know watch anime the few I know it's so weird. Shes seen peach girl and we were talking about it at lunch it was so funny, it's such a cute and dramatic anime it really made me cry at some points. It's finally so great to be able to talk about something that no one knows about except you and that one person. It sort of makes me miss inside jokes I had with old friends. Very old friends.

So I was thinking today as I was giving two "friends" a ride back from school if I should even give them rides. 1. I'm too nice to say no and it's not like they are bitches to me they sincerely need a ride home. One girl can't find a ride since her other friend that used to give her a ride moved in a different direction and her dad's work schedule doesn't allow him to pick her up. Friend number 2 is a random I take home sometimes if her Mom can't. The thing that got me thinking was they were both talking about this game last Friday which I did get invited to day of by my Camera friend. I ended up not going since my mom said no but I was glad anyways because I don't like the awkwardness but especially since I can't runaway since it was an away game(as in I wasn't driving there, therefor I can't drive back home). Well anyways one of the girls in the car was talking about how she went to the game with so and so this p really ticked me off because she's never invited me to go anywhere with her. I've known her since elementary school yet she goes to all these places I give her a ride the least you can do is try to talk to me and or hangout with me out of school. It's not like I smell or something. I'm nice to everyone I treat everyone equally unless I know them well. I know people from art club drama club journalism music sports. I'm everywhere which is bad since I don't have anyone to relapse on.

Optimist:Well at least we get to hangout in the car? Um
Pessimist:They are just using me for rides, they don't even talk to me out of school! DITCH THEM! GET YOUR OWN RIDE.
Real me:I'm too nice to say no and they've never really done anything for me to dislike them except the ignore me unless they need me.

Anyways I haven't submitted any work in a long time. Last piece I was working on was a Golden Sun wallpaper which I still want to complete. I have a fanart picture to color so look out for those!

New animess!

So I've been watching peach girl! I loveee it. It's so cute and not in a cheesy way either. I love anime romances I wonder why I can't stand soap operas on tv... BUt Peach girl is really good It's so good. And Big windup is awesomeee. I have yet to finish bleach I'm still on like episode 80 haha....and Naruto is an ongoing anime and then I have yet to Watch Nabari...I sort of ditched watching the NHK. I stopped watchin kyo kara maoh at like the last three episodes lol.

My brother might have swine flu that really stinks. Today was his birthday and he wasn't feeling to good his voice is all cracky and he sneezes a lot and he's to tired to get out of bed sometimes but he goes to school. I ordered him a Swin Flue Microbe virus plushie online! It can't wait until he gets it.

I'm also in the middle of making my schools 50th year school tshirt. I won last year for your spirit shirt and I'm doing it again this year. I hope I win. I don't want to sound cocky but I most likely will because my designs look professional and are done on photoshop. Most people who participate do theirs on:Paint, hand drawn, with markers or colored pencils. I feel like I have such an advantage over them because I'm using an image editing software but hey whatever.

What else? Well I' start my soccer season this weekend I have two games and I have practice tomorrow from 830-10pm! I have it reall late but I sort of like it. I like being the only team on the field It feel like more fun.

I have to start visiting some of the college around me because I have to start doing my college aps and ESPECIALLY a portfolio! I have no idea what to put in a portfolio but I have to have two drawings in one for one school which is my number one school. UGH drawing is going to be such a drag.

But anyways...Ig2g eat and watch some animee. WHo rahh.

Little Kid.

9:04 PM Eastern Time

I Went out into the city today it was lot of fun really different! I actually enjoyed myself I didn't worry about myself being awkward or uncomfortable or the fact that I was in public. I was actually acting like I would if I were home. I didn't notice the people around me at all! I'm really surprised usually I notice all that stuff and it makes me tense and sweat a lot because I feel odd out and about. I went to a market place out in town where there's a lot of vendors who sell their own artwork and that stuff. I bought this really cool wooden frog that has a hollow center and spikes on its back. The whole purpose of the spikes is to use this wooden stick to rub against it's spikes and it makes a frog sound. It's so awesome I have to upload the video of it later someday.

BUT ANYWAYS My title is about as usual anime! SO Angel this is directed to you I saw a clip of Big Windup it looks So freaking cool! I want to watch it actually I'm watching to first episode of it now. Funimation.com has like all these animes up there and I'm so freakin excited I want to watch everything!Like theres this one called Nabari looks freaking amazing too! I want to see it. I feel like I Just robbed a bank or I'm the luckiest person in the world.

It's raining Booo!

No more.

So no more depressing posts right? Well you know I would have to complain about something sooner or later anyways. I've seen so many spelling mistakes in my past blogs it really bugs me I just want to go in and fix every single one of those errors. But heres my complaint of the day.

I WANT A BOYFRIEND! I'm tired of being single I hate being single. I hate seeing girls right I LOVE *Insert name here*. Or me and *inset name here* are going out *enter place here*. I'm so JEALOUS of them I wish I had a boyfriend. I wouldd want him to sort of look like the guy Simon from Gamer. I saw that today by the way with a FRIEND my old friend who I talked to this week after my little oopsie. We are repairing out friendship now and talking to each other again and we saw that movie today. I liked it I liked it a lot it was a great Idea for a movie but they didn't really follow through with it that well. The ending was whack it was like a 30 second hooray scene and it was all over. There was also a lot of nudity but I don't really care about that I'm a big kid lol I can take that crap without wincing. Well anyways I want a brunette dark HAIR for sure! I really love the emo look I would want him to look like that but NOT actually emo just a scene kid lol. I'm sort of scene I have black even lengthen hair except for the front which my bangs are cut sided to my left side and my bangs are blonde. But I seriously love the whole skinny jean, vans, sort of tight but not TIGHT TIGHT shirt. Like a fit shirt. Green eyes is a plus. I love green eyes. I'm so PICKYYY. (Probably why I don't have a boyfriend..) Sike I don't know any guys to even go out with hahahaaa. I'm hoping college changes that because I AM FOR sure going to join that video game club and kick some guy ass.

WTF. My NEW laptop computer just said it could not determine my AC adapeter plug in so it won't charge and will run slower because of that. I SWEARR If there is something wrong with this computer I'm gonna flip I'm so going to change to a mac. YOU DAMN PC's. I actually sort of like macs now after using them for a while.