HI there I'm Cynthia
I won't really have some specific thing to post about
I'm really just going to use this as a blog.
I'll probably have random updates of the most amazing thing thats happened
or an update about the worst thing thats happened.
I like comments. I like reading them.


I don't do drugs.
How to explain my title? I feel on top of the world and that is was people who are high would explain the feeling. Well lucky me because I can feel the highest of the high without a drug.

I'm so happy. I've had an awesome weekend so far. Friday night I spent with this my friend C. she's really cool and we talked about just about everything. I feel like i can upon up automatically to her. It's great. We were out till like 10 out in the park it was all dark. I liked it.

Today I had a game we won. Then I went to my concert where everything great started happening. I had a blassttt. I got to know the band members and I especially got to me my favorite singer Lights! I love her she's so nice and sincere. She's a role model to me. She's a girl gamer and she sings fabulous music with lyrics that really make you think or wonder. Shes beautiful too! And I might get hookups to the venue so that's awesome too!

Do certain songs make you feel on top of the world or is there a certain sound that makes you feel the best. Right now the guitar sound of yellow by coldplay is making me feel incredible.

I love the invincible feeling. I love this feeling. I love nights like these.
I have a game in like nine hours I have to hit the sheets. I'll try to comment soon it's going to be a tough week this one.


People piss me off.
I don't like people sometimes.
I don't like confronting strangers sometimes because I don't like discovering that I don't like their attitude, or outlook on life.
I don't like those people at the nail place that rudely made me go away.
Seriously I just wanted an Ad, the least you could have done was get off your ass from eating.
People don't take me seriously.
OKay so what I was wearing shorts when I was trying to get ads but that doesn't matter other than that I was nice, I didn't have millions of piercings or tattoos.
I hate how clothes must define you. You must look nice in order for people to take you seriously.
How about me wanting to be comfortable?
maybe I don't want to wear a dress and high heels to get a damn ad.
I don't even own that type of crap nor do I like it.
Newspaper your killing me here.
But the nice nail place was at least thinking about it, I'll call them tomorrow to check up.
Other than that I had an awkward end of the day. I hate when you see people you know but they are with other friends too so when you ask them something they completely ignore you and when people notice you get embarrassed and you feel like you want to die right there.
Yep that's me.
I hate social confrontations. I wish I could just live in the grass and stay there.


I was sort of inspired to write this from Angel's brother going nuts about his video games missing. It reminds me of my social justice class. We did this group activity of adding up all the items we had in our rooms among a group of three to four people. I had a group of three and some of our combined items were sort of like what the heck. Like for t-shirts we had more than 120 combined. AND that was only with a group of THREE people. We all put our data on the board under our category and one of the most shocking numbers was a group having more than 200 pairs of jeans! There were about 5 other numbers below jeans like 80 or 70 65 so on. BUT 200 really stuck out. That meant that in that group of four people each of them would have 50 pairs of jeans! YOU don't even need that many pairs of jeans! I have about 8 pairs of jeans and that lasts me the wholeee year. WTF do you need like 50 pairs? It goes to show you how people value items so much.I don't want to sound depressing and like a pessimist but, these items really wont mean much to you when your dead. Your not going to be playing on your computer, or using your phone where ever you go.

But yea that's pretty much all I had to rant about. I have to write a paper about that later and I gots a game to go to soo I'll see you all later. Buh-bye

You know,

If I really blogged like I do on my blog site my posts would be really long. But I don't feel like making anyone depressed or pity me or hear the repetitiveness out of my posts. This is my cheerful blog.(I lied)

You don't have to read.
She can't go tomorrow, I'm not surprised.
I really wish I hadn't heard that piece of gossip.
I don't like realizing that I'm growing up and all these things are a part of it.
I like being naive.
I don't like the thought of people thinking I'm older, I wish I was still a Kid.
I'm tired of throwing compliments out, I feel like I don't ever get any in return.
I feel like a fake sometimes, being so confident in school but feeling so vulnerable inside.
I hate walking down the hallways to see groups of people passing by me I don't know what to do, and I don't feel like saying HI but I do anyways.
I wish I had a counselor or psychiatrist because sometimes I feel like an emotional wreck, but I'm not depressed.
I wish I wasn't a rebound. I hate that people take advantage of my kindness and never speak to me again.
Loneliness is the worst type of fear there is.

I should be reading but..

Today was fine.
Things are going okay I have a college essay paper due on thursday.

I have the weirdest lump under my armpit again. I think this it the third time I've had a lump like this. I did research the first time I got one and came up with the conclusion that is was a swollen lymph node. They usually become big when they catch infections or cancerous tumors or it could be a sign of breast cancer. I hate looking at the diagram that shows where all the lymph nodes are located on the body, they give me chills. NO idea why but it makes me feel weird.

Not much more going on I'm on episodee 13 of Big Windup. So amazing. That definitely makes it to my top anime lists.

I"m SO TIrED. I still haven't gotten into the school time rotation I'm still in summer mode. I go to sleep earlier I wake up more tired the next day. I really want to get one of those brain wave alarm clocks, they wake you up when it's best to wake you up, something about when you in light sleep phase. Sounds cool.

I was supperr excited since one of my favorites artists Light's album came out today. I love it. Heres my video to you of her.