HI there I'm Cynthia
I won't really have some specific thing to post about
I'm really just going to use this as a blog.
I'll probably have random updates of the most amazing thing thats happened
or an update about the worst thing thats happened.
I like comments. I like reading them.

Your favorite videogame.

I'm kinda bored sometimes and I want something new to play. I go back to my old ps and ps2 games like the ffx and ffx-2 and bully. I liked playing sonic adventure 2 battle on my gc and I sometimes play kirby on it. BUT I WANT something new. Soo any volunteers on what that should be?


Reply to angel: Yes thinks are getting better people are doing better with their health I hope it improves a lot more!
I haven't really done anything but BOY is it hot! THE temp. just shot up this weekend to like the 90's and it was 97 degrees out today! DAMN YOU GLOBAL WARMING! It's not supposed to be this hot yet!

Well anyways the smile title is because I've rented ouran high school host club on netflix, I've already seen the series but I want to see it again. The English vocal cast Is really good to me Vic for tamaki isn't such a bad choice it could be better but idk whooooo?
LOL "My tears are always genuine Haruhi!" lol Tamaki is so funnnnnnny.
WELL Also I loVEE THE ENDING!! Shissou I love it the japanese version is BEAST It just brings back memories of my sophomore year which was over a year and a half ago I LOVEE that song! AWESOMEE!

yea thats enough for my rant I have nothing else to really say. Have a safe week everyone!


AHH I've been discovered they've found me on facebook somehow! I guess I'm not concealing my identity good enough.

part 2

What in the world is happening?
Why do I feel have I felt so horrible these past days?
So last night I picked up my sister from the airport I joked around that my mom was pregnant and I guess it wasn't much of a joke because my sister thought I was serious. The bad thing about that was if she thought I was serious I must have been kept out of some news. My mom isn't pregnant but though she mightve been and told my sister that. my family and me we aren't close at all. We all live in this same house my mom works constantly gets home cooks for herself and sometimes for everyone but it's like rice and large portion meals that will last a while. Knowing I was kept at of this made me really sad, picture your friends talking about you behind your back. that's how I felt I felt horrible the whole night and a little bit at school because that's also were I feel that same feeling.

WORST then that. If you read my last post I was talking about my grandma being in the hospital. Well worst thing is I heard she went back to hospital and she has two broken bones in her back and my mom said she doesn't think she will recover. Hearing that news shock me because what I said about not spending time with her or learning what shes know, might not happen that was the one thing I didn't want to happen. My mom is also a pessimist so I don't know when to believe her or not. I hope nothing bad happens to her. And on another note with that her boyfriend was having the symptoms of a stroke and had to be rushed the the hospital at 4 in the morning today! So it's been very hectic with two people that are very close in my family being near death. I don't know what the heck is happening.

TO make things worst it looks gloomy outside it's thundering and my dog hates thunder and is going nuts. She completely opened the back door somehow and got inside. I still think a ghost opened it for her because that door is pretty heavy to push with no thumbs. I'm tired I have projects to do that I don't want to do, someone might die, and UGHH...
I hope you guys are all having a much more better experience then I am right now.


Hmm I don't know if I'll be able to create more things with photoshop anymore.
I've recently scanned the folder which contains my photoshop and it detected a bunch of trojan horses and viruses including the application so I might have to delete it.(It's the illegal version I can't afford to buy one right now because I don't ever save up enough money)

Further more, I just found out my Grandma is in the hospital I love her very much I find it really sad that shes there I always talk about she's old I should learn from her while shes alive and learn to knit and stuff. But I don't want to wait to long on that I should spend more time with her shes getting more sick I should, I should. I'm probably going to have to go drive over there to visit her I hope shes okay. I sometimes feel my love for her slipping I don't know why.

My spring break was basically boring. I did nothing the entire time. I didn't do any school work or hangout with any people because I frankly don't have any friends nor would I want to hangout with those people, they aren't my type of people. I'm glad schools almost over I can't wait, now my soccer season is starting and then I have the vans warped tour in summer those will be the highlights of my year they are every year.

then college...woo...