HI there I'm Cynthia
I won't really have some specific thing to post about
I'm really just going to use this as a blog.
I'll probably have random updates of the most amazing thing thats happened
or an update about the worst thing thats happened.
I like comments. I like reading them.


I won't be making appearances on TheO again, unless I have to submit artwork, I may rarely comment on things but other than that I won't be on here anymore. And I just wanna make a journal entry about it...but It's been a bad week since my Cat died on Monday.

He converted cat haters into cat lovers, never scratched, loved to cuddle, put his arms around your neck like a baby, and gave you kisses, he acted like a dog and went outside with them and even ate their food, I taught him how to sit and stand up. I could always see him sleeping in the oddest places and positions, boy did he love to sleep. He slept with anybody and anything, people he just met, the dogs, under your arms. Thank you for the best 11 years of my life, you made a big impact on it and I Love you very much Smokey. 5/17/2010

Hey all read please!

Hey you guys I'm not completely gone I've been working on a new wallpaper that's nearly finished and I will be submitting it once I get feed back on it.

I've entered this contest and I'm so close to snagging 2nd place and I've pretty much ran out of friend to ask on FB so now I'm asking on here for your help.
Please vote for my design you can follow this link http://www.signazon.com/banners/2010-graduation-banner-ipad-contest/ipad-contest-entry-328-Cynthia-Hernandez.asp. And feel free the judge any other design you see.

Update 007

Lets see. It's been a good day I think so.
I just watched the digimon movie it brought back so many memories I love that movie. That show is so much more better than pokemon the characters have so many more dimensions and depth and seem more realistic, plus there is random romance other side problems and funny moments. Pokemon is like way to strict on story line I feel like.

I have a soccer tourny this weekend that's going to be a drag, I'm out of shape and so is my team. Oh well I'll try hard! Hopefully I don't get tired so easily. I need to start working out, I haven't gotten my six back like I said I would.

On another note I feel like I'm disrupting my friends relationship with his girlfriend....*awkward turtle* I think shes jealous and angry since I talk to him and getting close to him, but you know not like that! I just like having another guy friend for once. And I don't wanna assume that I am why shes angry because it makes me seem conceited, but I don't know maybe I'm paranoid. But I don't really care about that. High school relationships are all pooey stuff anyways, real love comes when your older.

What else, I'm reading a good book the handmaids tale, I like it. Its sort of like the giver (Kids book), I loved that book it was so interesting and different!

And I'm picking up on old stuff old shows, old video games. I'm replaying spyro right now and I've been searching for my pokemon gold version, can't find it anywhere darn!

Bleh I want summer I want freedom, I want to experience life.
I'm ready to graduate already. But college = so much work.

I'm done. I'll update soon and maybe have some new wallpapers? I think so.

I haven't been around.

I plan on submitting a new wallpaper soon.

I feel like I'm a virus sometimes, or I'm not bound to have friends. I always find something wrong with my friends or they totally neglect me or are straight mean. Well I have one less friend today, I thought she was a good friend but have always been iffy about her because of well i don't know, her racist remarks, the way she always thought she was right and knew everything, and how if I ever tried to joke around I deserved a kick. And it didn't help that she pushed me over today and told me she would effing break my face.

So let me not be stupid like some people in abusive relationships and walk away. I hate that I always find bad friends for some reason. Now I only have one good friend. I'm sure she won't turn out to be that way at least, but if she leaves me then I really have nothing.

Sorry for being depressing, but that was the highlight of my day.

bad past hour

I don't think I'm going to be on TheO that much anymore. I don't feel it to make wallpapers anymore. I think it's kinda useless to make them.

The past hour has been bad. Stupid arguing with the same ignorant person who acts like they know everything when they really don't. When they are really trying to turn people against the person they should try to hold close to them. When they really insult you put you down, and make you act like some idiot. Is that what a sibling is? I've always wondered how it was like to have a brother since my doesn't act like one at all. I'm so jealous of those other girls who are so close with their brothers, when their brothers invite their sisters to go out places and hangout, instead of pushing them away and saying this isn't their place. Instead of calling you stupid saying I love you. Instead of being greedy buying you a gift once in a while and showing concern. My brother isn't like that at all. Worst is the world can't see that, he acts like a normal quiet kid who gets along with his family on the outside. And thats partly true, but I hate him the most at times like these. Times when he has to accuse of doing something I don't trying to "educate" me through stupid and exaggerated means. Your not my father don't try to act like it. Your just too aggressive and don't know when enough is enough. You persecutor. Well that's just my summary on how much of an A-hole my brother is.

Sometimes I think I have a masterplan when I'm older, that I'll turn into some weird lunatic and I'll take revenge on people. I can't see myself doing that but hey maybe I'll go crazy when I'm older and execute that masterplan of revenge. Morality would shake it's head at me right now.

No I'm not going to kill him, I don't have the soul to do that.