As we ran out of there, I had to think: Wasn't this just a simple search-and-destroy mission? How the heck did it turn into a scene where I get lip-slapped by Chip? Wasn't this even before all this mess just a nice night out?
"Ohhh... I need a doctor... Or a bucket..." I wiped my forehead. I wanted to sleep, but if I did, I would go into cardiac arrest (story behind that sentence: I was spinning out on the field during lunch and fell down... Later my head hurt... Friend said not to go to sleep or I'll go into cardiac arrest).
"I just want to walk!" Pawa squirmed in my hands. Oh yah, that's right. She's still a weapon. Chip cut off her wavelength. She's heavy when she's a weapon. I was slugging her over my back and switched her to over my two hands in the front.
"Hey, where are we exactly going?" Seraphi had his hands over his shoulders or behind his back or whatever.
"Hmmm... I guess to Stein's lab. I want to get my wrist checked out. And Pawa, her too." I kinda wobbled.
~And it felt like years as we walked there~
I went to knock on the door, but Luna, Umbra, and Seraphi just walked in.
"Hey. You guys are back." He pulled the cigarette out of his mouth. I smiled at him.
"Hey could you take a look at Pawa? Maybe you'll be able to help her." He looked around, then I nodded at my hand. He looked surprised. Then he noticed my hand.
"Ok. First I'll take a look at Pawa, but then it's that wrist." He stood up out of his roller chair and I slipped her into his hands.
"Thank you." I smiled as he walked into another room. He sat down in a living room. Is she going to be ok? How is she going to eat? Sleep right? Be the human Pawa? I put my head in my lap. Luna sat down beside me.
"She is going to be alright Lowey. No worries! He is smart." She hugged me. I hugged back, but then remembered something. (Newsflash: I got my fixed report card, and it's better that before!!!!)
"Hold on guys! I'll be right back!" I flew out the room. Gotta get that balloon.