Seraphi- Follow the Leader

I sat there back in the tent. "So, where are Pawa and Lowey?', I asked. "Bathroom.", Luna said with a smile. I stood up and stared at them. "Now, don't give me's been more than 30 minutes since then. No one goes for that long.", I said as I stared down at them and they cringed. "They went to find Chip.", Umbra said. "Ah sis, we weren't supposed to tell!", Luna said as I picked up both of them. "Doesn't matter anyway.", she said in reply. "Lets go.", I said as we ran out of the tent and toward Chips' home.

I could feel their wavelengths as I approached the home. "Umbra, send me in using your shadow abilities, then stay with me and Luna, I want you to use light to make a flashbang.", I said as they nodded. Umbra and I disappeared and appeared in the room, hidden in the shadows. He had her cornered and he had...kissed her. I stepped out quitely and grabbed Chip's shoulder. "Hey there...what are you doing?", I said as I squeezed and he turned his head. "Huh wha-Seraphi, what are you-", was all he could say before he punched him twice in the mouth with Umbra's guantlet form. "Seraphi! What are you doing here?", Lowey shouted. "Got tired of waiting for you to come back from the "bathroom." Next time, please try and work out a better lie. No onw exerts that much energy when in the bathroom.", I laughed as I saw Chip rub his face and stand up. His blade hand running against the ground. "Luna! GO!", I shouted as she jumped through the window and let loose an intensely bright ball of light. I grabbed Lowey and Pawa, and along with Luna and Umbra, we jumped out the window. "Just one more thing...Stein's secret invention!", I said as I pulled out a small ball and threw it into the room. "What is that!?", Lowey shouted as I smiled. "Wait.", I said and then a loud blast sounded from the room. "Son of a...WHAT IS THIS!?", Chip shouted as smoke rolled out of the room. "Heh, special tear gas.", I said. "My eyes!", I heard him shouted. "Really?", Pawa said as we landed. "Yep, symptoms are blindness, deafness, upset stomach, migraines, possible minor intestinal bleeding, loss of smell and taste, and constipation.", I said as we ran down the street. "DOes it really do all of that?", Pawa said as she looked at the window. "Of coarse, I used it on Stein himself to test it!", I said as I looekd over at Pawa, then at Lowey.