Oh No


Chip lay K.O.ed on the ground. He looked peaceful, which honestly made me depressed due to his under-the-kiltness. I jolted over to Pawa.
"Can you transform?" I picked her up.
"Nah. I guess I'm just going be carried around everywhere for a while." She sighed happily. I picked her up. She wiggled and yelled at me. Not really sure what though. I got pulled back by two nasty-knife hands. My stomach got cut even more and my back bled more profusely. Chip pulled be back into his cradling arms, holding me softly, but in a way where I couldn't get out.
"Shh... Calm down love." He rubbed my hair with his free, non-bladey hand.
"Call me that again and the next chance I get I'll beat you into next leap year." I growled. He laughed.
"Calm down... And just join me. That way you will never get hurt and I don't have to troubled by that thought. Join, love." I blanked out. Me? Join him? In his bad-guy group? No. Never. Heck-and-a-half no. He grabbed my hips with one hand an in the other was my chip-neck area. He kissed me gingerly. I pushed back and away. What just hap-. That's obvious.
"What the hell?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?" Pawa yelled. I took a crack at his jaw. Little success followed. He grabbed my wrist and I cringed. He did the same thing that he did to Pawa. I was immobilized; paralyzed; unable to fight him throwing me over his shoulder. Crap.