Chip- My *Cough* Fight with Lowey

It was quite the let down when they came in, guns ab-blazing and all. I would thought of a more, less destructive than blowing a whole in the roof way. Pawa came in with one arm a polished, shiny, laser cannon. Lowey then came and dropped down beside her. Her hand was tied tight. I got up off of my bed and came and looked at her hand. "My dear maiden, what has happened to your dear, sweet hand? Has one worked to hard to where it broke? One as lovely as you shouldn't be working so hard." I kissed it tenderly, then smiled at her. I didn't expect a smile back. What I did expect was some sort of injury. She only replied with: "I am Lowey and I am good at slapping people with the back of my hand. And please, don't make your nose gush blood; it just isn't polite to flatter yourself." Pawa made a gaping face. I turned my fingers into little blades. Read to slice and dice, I thought to myself. Pawa completely transformed and flung herself into Lowey's palms. I bowed politely. "Why do you bow?" Lowey asked. "I guess for the niceness of it." And the fight begun. Lowey flung herself at me with swiftness and accuracy. While Pawa was charging, she used the end of her as a mean to knock me over and to injure. As she swung, I jumped her and spliced her in the back. She gasped, but didn't really tend to it. "So you're taking on the family business?" Lowey asked. I laughed. "The boss is not a relative. Mostly because I'm fit for it." I smiled and tripped her. She was barely able to catch herself due to that broken wrist. "IMMA FIREIN' MY LASER!!!" Pawa blurted, and fired the massive beam. I jumped on it and ran towards them. Lowey looked stunned. I caressed her cheek before flipping her on the bed. She kicked me in the la-di-da and I fell on the floor in pain. I grabbed Pawa. I'm not really able to hold her or pick her up, but I can at the least touch her. I tried my new skill on her. I placed my hand, even though it hurt, on her and let the pulse of my wavelength corrupt hers. Now she wouldn't be a nuisance. Still on my knees, Lowey looked down me. Feigning pain, I waited. Then I charged her. Not really expecting it, I grabbed her and flung her against the wall. She cringed in pain. She grabbed something, but put it tightly in her hand. I walked over slowly. Then out of no where she flung the thing at my forehead. I was fading away- slowly blacking out. The words I heard last were: "People! You are free!"