Head On


As they were stitching up Seraphi's arm, I tore off a piece of my jacket to help clean up and stop all the bleeding. I rapped one of the strips over where his arm had became his own place. I bound it tight. Umbra and Luna had finished sowing up around his ankle, so he was stable enough to walk. While Seraphi was wiping himself, I sneaked over to the girls.
"I want you guys to take him home. Don't let him follow me." I whispered.
"But why?" Luna blinked at me.
"He is pretty feeble at this moment and needs to be fixed up." I smiled at them and they nodded. I whispered into Pawa's ear the plan, which consisted of ditching and explosions, and she approved of it.
"Bathroom time. We'll be right back." Pawa needlessly announced. We headed out behind some tents and waited a few seconds. When we heard them leave, we headed out. We stopped at a payphone and called Chip's sister.
"Hello?" She answered.
"Wouldn't be nice if you could get out of the house for a day?" Pawa masked her voice, making it sound more like a older, more feminine saleslady.
"Umm... Yes, actually. What is this for?" She sounded confused. Dead mark of acceptance. She got hooked. After a minute or so of conversation, she hung up.
"All clear. It's just Chip at the house." She pointed towards his house. "Let's go."