I sat down and worried about Seraphi along with my hand. They looked strong. Like, really strong. I heard nasty cracking sounds coming from inside. I shuttered. I closed my eyes and tried to think of happy thoughts. It kind of seemed like a cloud of unhappiness and bad-guys followed us everywhere. It was unavoidable, but we take it head on. I heard more of those nasty cracking sounds. I heard what sounded like Seraphi's voice sound. I knew that if Pawa and the twins were still here, they'd be all over that, but they ran after some of the goons. I heard more snapping and I looked at my wrist. It was still bleeding and some bone was exposed. I heard a loud bang come from inside. I grabbed my hand and quickly stood up. I peeked inside. Seraphi's stichs were slowly coming apart, with one whole hand on the floor, and Mr. Fox and the Sillyman also were tore. I ran inside.
"You get the hell away from Seraphi!" I yelled. He held his arm and was cringing. They smiled, and one placed his hand on the Exshral.
"We have what we need." Mr.Fox smiled. Then they disappeared, like a ball of smoke in the wind.