Seraphi- Interrogation

"Wait...OUR Chip?", I said as I kicked a second straggler. "Yeah, he double-crossed us!", Lowey shouted as I sighed. "I think it's time I do my thing.", I said as I had Lowey let go of the guy. "What do you mean?", she said as I backed her away. "Lowey, if you don't like really bloody scenes or people screaming in pain, then it would be best if you wait outside. You too Umbra and Luna.", I said as they turned back into human form and walked outside. "What are you planning to do?", Lowey asked as a grin spread across my face. "Just going to ask a few questions.", I said as the air got colder. "Alright, but please don't kill him.", Lowey said as she and Pawa exited the tent. "So, your name?", I asked as the man sat in a chair on the other side of the table. "Not going to tell you.", he said with a grin as I grabbed his hand and bent his index finger all the way back. It snapped and the man screamed. "What do you know of Chip?", I asked him as he glared at me. "Not much, the boss knows more.", he said. "ANSWER THE QUESTION!", I shouted as I bent his middle finger all the way back until it snapped. The man screamed again. "I"m serious, I don't know much!", he shouted. "What do you want with the crystal?", I asked. "I don't know, we were told to obtain it!", he whinned. I sighed deeply and kicked him back. He fell to the ground and I picked him back up. The ring finger was the next to go. The man was teary eyed and holding his injured hand. "I can keep going all night, you've got seven fingers left and I'll start over with the toes.", I sneered as I sat down.