Chip- The Bossman's Boss

A man stormed in, obviously looking very distressed. "Sir Fox, The Sillyman wishes to speak with you." He bowed his head in respect of my father. I felt dizzy, but didn't feel like sitting down. "I will be in in a second." He looked at me. The infantryman still stood there, staring at his amazing hair. My dad really has good hair. It's soft and wavy and just cool. My dad noticed his and slapped the man. "What are you doing around here?! Go and tell the Sillyman!" He yelled. The man bowed and walked out of the room. "Now let's go see what he wants." We walked a ways. The part of the tunnels where the Sillyman stays is the deepest part. It is also the grandest. The wide doors open. "Your Silliness." We bowed. "Since your people failed to get what I need, we will go ourselves."

(This next part I am going to try to write from Lowey's perspective, and like how ZtG writes)
I cursed in my head over and over again. Why? I keep thinking. Then I looked over at the stone. I pulled my sleeve up so my hand was covered and I meticulously rubbed the Exshral. I felt like crying, but why? Chip and I were only friends. We had some parts in common, but not much. Pawa's hand landed on my shoulder.
"Stop crying. Now. There is nothing to cry over. It's useless and pointless now. Nothing you can do over it." She said strictly, but not hard. I felt hot tears spill over. Why am I crying? Stop! I yelled in my head, but did I listen, no. Of course not. I felt despicable. My sobbing was interrupted by someone burning a whole in the top of the ripped tent. A tall, beanpole man came in from the whole with tiger-like ferocity.
"My name is the Sillyman, Sir Willus Sillyman. I mean you no harm, unless you are not willing to hand the Exshral over, which I highly advise you do." He chuckled. He looked down at the sword he held.
"I think you should negotiate, Mr. Fox." The sword turned human. He looked like an older, firmed version of Chip. This is Chip's father?! He walked up closer.
"Here it is plain and simple: Give it up or die. You choice?" He smiled a wicked smile. This made me pissed off. I charged him.
"How about this choice: my fist in your face?!" I tried to punch him, even in the face with my thumb out, but he grabbed it. He laughed subtly. Then he twisted my hand and broke it. You know how they say the first time you break something, well, my friend, that's a lie.