The Exshral


The Ferris wheel stopped as the festival was evacuated.
"Were going to have to jump down." Seraphi looked around him. I looked at him, jaw-dropped. I need to overcome that bad memory. I can do this! I thought to myself. I nodded. We opened, and at times had to use slight force, the metal bar. As the bar opened, the seat swung. It made it look more and more of a bad fall.
"Lets do this!" I yelled before we jumped. I jumped from spoke to spoke from getting injured by the massive fall. I mean, one big fall like this could easily of broken many of my bones. More tents fell but I couldn't see what from. e made it to the ground safely.
"You ready?" He asked. I nodded, but went up to him.
"I don't want you to loose your balloon!" I gingerly took of the balloon string from his wrist, and I tied it onto a bench. He smiled. We ran off to the fallen tents.
"Pawa! Front and center!" I yelled. Running around with Luna and Umbra on her shoulders came Pawa, battle ready. They transformed and came into our hands.
"Lets head in." I pointed to one of the tents that must of had whatever in it. I followed him in. There were lots of people, most of them wearing similar outfits. They all had tight, navy blue clothes with what looked like raggedy football armor. They had thick shoulder-pads and shin guards. (I sketched it up, I'll have to show you sometime.)
"Who the heck are you punks?" One snapped. Some of them where handling a giant, red, translucent crystal in the middle of the room. I turned my head to get a better look at it. It was a large crystal called the Exshral. I had one done a book report on it a long while ago:
Discovered 4 years ago, it was discovered in a small, damp, super-saturated cave where it easily got to its 6 feet in height. When it was first found, the excavators were not wearing gloves. It was found that when they had touched it, they had contracted a disease later known as Toize Yalley Crystalis. Their own cells had turned into the molecules of the crystal's. It was supposedly so painful that most of the people begged to die. The people who did not die finished the metamorphosis, only lived for hours due to their organs failing. It was found to be created from the sadness and despair of the people who lived a long time ago where it was found. It took in their sadnesss, anger, and hopelessness and turned it into energy for it to grow.
I became full of furry as they tried to take it away. I charged them, holding Pawa in a way that I had one spare hand.
"You idiots! Get away from the Exshral!" I bellowed and knocked the lights out of anyone even slightly close to it. You see, I really care for this crystal because one of my lots of greats ancestors helped dig up and find the Exshral. I turned around to see that Seraphi and co. had dropped many of the low lifes. One of men was scrambling away. I ran up to him and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.
"Who do you work of sir?" I picked him up and held him so he wouldn't run.
"A Fox. Brian Fox. I even know his middle name; it's Stone. Isn't that pretty? Brian Stone Fox. A good fellow. Nice son. Weird eyes though." He said shakily. I dropped him.
"Chip... Double crossed us!" I dropped to my knees. "Dang it." I pounded my hand on the floor.