Chip- Mr. Bossman

I slipped out with the spare time I had. I found the hallow rock and open the secret hatch under it. There was a long flight of stairs that were dimly lit by a torch. I walked down it with ease, for I had done this ever since I was young. I welcomed by the low-life grunts in nice suits, obviously noted of my arrival. "How do you do, Mr. Fox?" one would say, or possibly "Do you need anything?". I went into the last room in the underground HQ. My father sat before me, looking pleased. "How are you son? How is your sister? Is she well." He smiled at me. I smiled back. "She is fine. I have gotten the information about the students. They are growing stronger and stronger each day. It has increased dramatically over the last days. I don't think I am on the same skill level as them." I pointed out. He nodded. He handed me a key. He stood up and lead me to a huge trunk. I fit the key into trunk only to see a stupid jar. I picked it up. "A jar?!" He laughed. "It's what inside the jar that is what's important." He took of the top and handed to me. "Drink it." I took a whiff and gagged. But I took in the regret and drank it all in one swig. It tasted worse than it smelled. I looked at my dad. "Earthquake potion. It will be helpful for their downfall."