Welcome to my World


We ran, or else the event would of started, to the... Lets just say I lied. I took a left turn to the main city square.
"What are we doing here?" He smiled. I giggled.
"I feel like we are so tense, so I brought us to the Balloon festival!" I laughed. Lights filled the air as a storm of rainbow balloons filled the air. There were games and stands, popcorn was being sold and people were riding carnival rides. "I'm sorry I lied." He laughed and looked around.
"That's fine." He had a big grin on his face. I took him to get some tickets for some rides. I got cotton candy while he waited in line for the Ferris wheel. I grabbed him a nice shiny balloon.
"Here, this is yours." I tied it around his wrist so he wouldn't loose it. He smiled with a reddish tint in his cheeks. We got on the Ferris wheel, and stopped at the top.
"We can see all of the city. This is nice." Serphi relaxed in his spot. I held on to the metal bar. I'm not afraid of heights, it's just that a year or two ago, I went on a ride with Pawa. It was one of the kinds where the seat rocks and spins. Our door wasn't closed all the way, so when Pawa rocked the seat, we fell out. Luckly, we were able to come down able and unscratched. But I felt safe with Seraphi. I sat back and even rocked the seat a little. Then over my shoulder, a tent fell down with a poof of dust and destruction. Of course there will always be something wrong with a perfect night.