"Come on Veta, I asked that you never call me by my last name.", I said as I patted his shoulder. "My apologies Seraphi, old habits are hard to break!", Veta laughed. "So, are Glark and Jun home?", I said as I strolled into the kitchen to check. "No, they are out getting groceries.", Veta said as he walked behind me. "Hm, alright then. Tell Glark and Jun to call me when they get back.", I said as I rubbed the back of my head. "Do you need to aske them about the girls' party?", Veta said as he picked up a small book and handed it to me. "Glark expected this, so he wrote down his ideas.", He continued. "I also have the package for you!", Veta said with a smile as he walked away, then came back with a small brown box. "Thanks, I guess I'll speak with you later!", I said as I waved goodbye. Me and Lowey walked out and she stopped. "So, who is Veta? And this Glark and Jun person?", Lowey said with a cheery tone. "Glark is the master butler of the house, Veta and Jun are his children. They were close friends of my family. If I remember correctly, VEta is, 22 now, and Jun...she's about your age I think.", I said as I smiled at Lowey. "So, lets go do what we originally planned!", I said as I let her lead the way.