Home Sweet Home?


He spun me around to face a large, Gothic (or is it Victorian?) mansion. It was lovely.
"You built this... All over again...?" My gaze fixed on the mansion.
"Yes. It some time and sweat, but I was able to do it with my own hands." His smile met my widespread awe. I smiled back.
"Could... We?" I started, but I stopped. I didn't want to hurt him (it seems live he's been hurting a lot).
"Could what?"
"Go... Inside? It just seems so lovely from the outside, I kind of want to see the inside." He looked at the house and then to me. He had a smaller smile on his face. I really hope this isn't hurting him. I don't want him hurt. He nodded.
"That would be ok." He grabbed my hand again and led me inside. The main hall showed us some of the upstairs. There was vases on glass, elegant shelves, and calm, therapeutic, leather couches around a large TV. There was a large imported-looking rug that was seeming as long as a basketball court. A crystal chandelier welcomed us.
"Wow... It's so lovely." I sat down on the wooden steps of the stairwell. "It's like a dream house. Geez." He chuckled. I heard footsteps and turned my head towards the most-likely master kitchen.
"Hello? Who is there?" A young voice called. I red haired servant poked his head out. "Oh, Master Asmaltima. How do you do?" He sounded young, but looked around the age of 28 or so. He work a traditional servant outfit. His jade eyes looked at mine in shock.
"Hello. I am Veta, one of the servants that takes care of this house. You are?" He stood up a little straighter, then came over to shake my hand. I shook it with pleasure and relaxation.
"I am Shinchona, but you may call me Lowey." I looked at Seraphi. "What now?"