"Sure, I've never been to one of those places before.", I said. "But first, I want to show you something.", I said as I grabbed her hand and went out the door. "Wait Seraphi, where are we going?", she said while laughing. "Hold on, we're almost there!", I said as I turned a corner then another, until we reached a large victorian style gate. I opened the gate and continued inward. "Wait Seraphi, this is some ones' home, we're trespassing!", Lowey said as I spun her around, then stopped her. "Here, take a look!", I laughed as she looked up to see a large gothic/victorian-style mansion. "Whoa...", was all she could get out as she turned to me. "Who lives here?", she asked as I laughed a bit more. "You mean USED to live here!", I said as I pointed to a sign above the door. "This is my home, where I used to live.",I said as turned to look at Lowey. "But I thought you didn't have a house?", Lowey said as she stared at it. "I don't have a house. To many memories in here to live here. I rebuilt this place after the fire, in memory of everyone who died here, as well as Umbra and Lunas' parents.", I said as I layed some flowers on the doorstep.