I heard everything. Every word, syllable, sentence, and letter. I had to say he really outdid himself. Did he and Pawa (or would it be Pawa and him?) take put-down lessons together? Anyways, I most likely will not be going somewhere cold and mountainous with my aunt. I sneaked back to my room and told Pawa everything. We had a silent celebration, then came out.
"I'm not going then?" I said quietly, trying really hard to not point and laugh.
"N-no. Yo-you're not. Wh-why don't y-you unpac-ck your things. I'll b-be ou-outside." He said all depressed. He rubbed his head and went outside. Wow. I haven't seen anyone that depressed in forever. I looked over at Seraphi.
"THANK YOU SO MUCH!" I ran up to him and hugged him. "In result of this, why don't I treat you to some karaoke?" I laughed.