He handed me a hot dog.
"Thanks." I sighed and took a small bite. I was hungry, but my stomach was too turned with worry to eat.
"So what's going on?" He said after swallowing.
"As I said before, my dad wants to send me into the deep mountains to live with me aunt for the oh-so wonderful life of goat farming," I said sarcastically. "After I told him about us dancing, and kissing. Since he really hates you, he is sending me there. I really don't want to got there: I'll be losing lots of friends, I will not be able to reach my full potential as a miester, and- and I won't be able to finish what I started anywhere!" I let out a distressed sigh. "I think you may be able to help me."
"How so?" He asked. He looked sincere and worried. His face almost made me feel like , like going to live my aunt would never happen. I felt lax.
"I want you to persuade him to not send me to live with my aunt." He looked kind of stunned. "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese?" I begged.